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Limited Edition Oreo, Fun with #SayItWithOreo

July 21st, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

I’ve been seeing Oreo advertisement of Oreo about its limited edition alphabets printed Oreo. I went shopping the other day, saw it and decided to get it. Haven’t eat Oreo for a very looooong time. I think the last time I ate Oreo was last year. Anyway, I decided to make a video for it ;p here is the ASMR version.

Here is the normal video hahaha… I decided to do two versions because initially this was the plan then when I edited it, I realized I could do an ASMR version if it. Since I’ve recorded myself talking and it’s been a while not posting this kind of video, I ended up with two versions. This one will premiere tomorrow though hehehe…

Did you manage to get this Oreo? It’s quite fun trying to figure out words that you can make from it. Did get it and have fun playing with it? I did.

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