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Ibumie Penang White Curry Mee Instant Soup Noodle with Natural Ingredients Chilli Paste

August 10th, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

Opps… It’s been over a week, forgotten to make a new post 😀

During MCO, I went grocery shopping. I decided to get Penang white curry mee instant noodle. I’ve eaten the real thing but have never try the instant noodle even though it’s been around for ages and friends from Penang were stocking it up at home in Australia so that they can satisfy their craving for it. I think it’s another brand that they stocked, MyKuali, I think… I decided to give Ibumie a try as it was cheaper hahaha…

If I go to Penang, I will definitely go to find white curry mee instead of Penang Laksa *LOL*

Anyway, here’s my quick review on it. It’s quite good! I was blown away! It’s quite close to the real thing. The chilli paste isn’t too spicy for those who can eat spicy food, it’s just right for me. It’s far less spicy than the real thing. I couldn’t even spoon a spoonful of chilli paste for the real thing, could only manage a tiny bit of it, very tiny! About 2 teaspoons Hahaha!! I guess for Penang white curry mee, the key to make or break the whole dish is the chilli paste. If the chilli paste is made the way you like it, then it will certainly win your heart. If you can’t eat spicy food, you can just eat the white broth without the chilli paste but then it will not be white curry noodle anymore, it’s just savoury coconut prawn broth, the taste is weird without the chilli paste.

Overall, I do like this and would repurchase. Will also try to buy the other brand to try out next time 😉

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