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Hunt for Pink!! Limited Edition Pink Mamee Monster, How to Find, Unbox and Taste Test

October 3rd, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

Last year, Mamee Monster had black mystery packet. This year, it’s pink. Not many know about it though. Not much of a hoohaa this time around. When I got to know about it, I started to pay attention to the snack shelves when I went grocery shopping. Since it is still MCO, hence there is no such luxury of time to hang around to dig out the packet with the mystery packet. It took me 4 days, 4 shopping trips, 3 weeks, 2 supermarkets, just to find one… 😀 So excited to find it hahaha… Here’s the video for it 😉 If you wonder what’s the flavor, do check out the videos.

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