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Tsubu Night Pack, Get Rid of Milia Seeds. Does it Work?

December 5th, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

I bought Tsubu Night Pack from Japan in August 2018 as I’ve been reading and watching about its good review over the years mostly on Taiwanese variety shows since early 2010s. I decided to get it for myself when I saw it in the drugstore in Japan. I don’t remember how much I bought it though.

I’ve tried looking for a more comprehensive review online but didn’t find any. Many did not give a final say of the product and it’s all dated way back to 2014/2015, no new reviews on it. In fact, I thought of blogging about it last year after seeing some effects on it yet ended up I didn’t because I was just too lazy.

Few days ago, some how I’ve been seeing similar products on FB ad. Then I tried to do a search on Google to find out more of those products, just curious, not planning to buy. Then I realized that I should give an in-depth review of using Tsubu Night Pack as I’m sure many people will be searching for it.

Here you go… First of all, I have no idea what are the ingredients in this night pack except it can reduce/eliminate milia seeds. There is also no expiry date on it. In fact I’m still using it now on and off whenever I’m in the mood. I did not religiously use it nightly. Why? I’ll share with you later in the post.

Left, Sep 2018: This is the look of my milia seeds before I used the cream. I have many but those in the circles bother me the most.

Right: I applied Tsubu Night Pack on them. Ignore the other spots, I was just applying on all the milia seeds that I could see. The three spots in the circles will be the key to this review as they are most obvious.

Left, Dec 2018: After using it on and off, not nightly, only when I remember or in the mood, you can see that the one under the eye isn’t that big anymore and have flattened quite a fair bit. Meanwhile, the ones at the edge seem to have separated as the edges for both had shrunk leaving the two seeds looking more protrude. Not to forget the one on the top, it seems like the size got bigger because it’s flattened but it’s not protruding like the photo above.

Right, Feb 2019: Between the first usage until this period of time, I did not use it nightly, it’s just once in a blue moon. I couldn’t recall how often, it is too infrequent for me to tell. The one at the bottom (safe to say this one has been with me for over a decade or even two) is not quite obvious anymore in the photos but if looking at it in actual life, there’s a bit of mark left there not completely flattened. To me, I would say that it works! Not 100% but it sure has improved a lot. I don’t see them in photos anymore unlike previously it would always show up in my photos.

In fact, up until today, Dec 2020, it’s still looking the same as what it’s like since Feb 2019. I do still use them, on and off, extremely rare but I don’t see any difference anymore likely I don’t use it frequent enough.

Now, let me share with you why I don’t use it frequently. The reason is simple, it’s not that practical… You need to ensure that the area you want to apply is clean and dry which means you cannot apply your skincare product on the area. I need to apply eye gel to my eye area to ensure I don’t develop wrinkles and dryness easily. Imagine if you want to use the night pack nightly, you can’t use your eye care product(s) every night, that’s a no-no-no for me. One night is fine but nightly? No way!

Having it on you and go to sleep with it isn’t practical too as it will peel off while you’re asleep. It’ll end up on your hair or your pillow or mattress or other part of your face. It will just be little rubbery pieces but it’s a hassle to clean up especially if it got stuck in your hair. This is also another reason I didn’t use it often.

Nowadays, I will peel it away before I go to sleep. It dries up very easily, no uncomfortable feeling, it’s painless. I would apply them on the milia seeds for about 2 hours before I go to bed. Also, I did not make sure my eye area is clean and dry, I just applied it on my moisturized eye area.

In short, roughly this is what I did these days if I do shower early:
6pm shower, skincare -> 9pm brush teeth then apply Tsubu Night Pack -> 11.30pm peel off, sleep.

In conclusion, it does work for some and not all. Maybe it will work better if you use it constantly. Should you get it? Well… It’s really up to you as you can see and read from my experience. However, if you never try, you’ll never know. Just have to spend that money to try. At least it’s painless and much cheaper than having it removed professionally. I’ve personally experienced the removal on some before, damn… It’s painful! I’m not sure where you can get it in Malaysia but I found it on Shopee, you can check it out here, here’s the direct link -> https://invol.co/cl1zwy5

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