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Bay Ki – Sarawak Chinese Slang (S3/Pt8)

January 27th, 2021 · Nobody Surrendered

Don’t forget! Don’t forget! Don’t bay ki! We are still no where near the end of the tunnel, we are going deeper into the tunnel and have no idea when we will get to see the light again. It takes everyone to play their parts to end this whole thing but sadly many people bay ki and don’t care about it. They are sick and tired in following the SOPs already which lead to the worsening situation now.

No matter what, as long that you can’t control the spread, the economy will never be salvaged. Look at yourself! How irresponsible you are for the sake of your own whims and fancies. Don’t cry foul when stricter MCO is introduced.

Oh well… If you don’t want it to end, then continue be bay ki about all the SOPs and do whatever you like. The economy will never improve and so does your life. Good luck!

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