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How I Lost RM500 Lazada Voucher After Getting It

February 23rd, 2021 · Nobody Surrendered

Was so excited to receive the prize of RM500 Lazada Voucher and had planned out how to do a new series for my YouTube channel. It will be a series of unboxing purchase made from Lazada that worth over RM500 inclusive of shipping fee(shipping fee cannot be offset from the voucher). However, plan has now gone down the drain as the sponsor(I do not know who but I am guessing that I know who) had decided that I am not qualified to it as I was joining it with an old post on Instagram in which there were no mention that it is not allowed. If there was a mention, then I would just do a new post and upload the video again that time. The host had declared me the winner last weekend and announced it to the public. Then yesterday, the host was being told by the sponsor that I should not win, it is unfair to other participants(Hmm… I think not many joined, just 2 if I’m not mistaken based on the comment left in the contest post). So my prize was given to the other person and the announcement on Instagram too was changed.

I know the host feels bad about it, I will too as it will not do any good to his/her reputation too, I am sure the host did not want to retract the prize but the sponsor insisted on it. As a KOL or influencer or whatever you called it who is the host, you definitely do not want to piss your sponsor off hence you complied but sad to say what the sponsor did will cause reputation damage to you if it happened to someone isn’t as kind as me. I did not want to argue with the host as I’ve known the host in person for years, instead I shared about such act as being illegal if report is lodge to KPDNHEP so that next time the host can take note in future contest.

Sadly, the sponsor (I assume is a big organization) isn’t doing their part. From what I understand, they did not inform the host of the terms hence the host decided on the winner based on own discretions and then to be informed by the sponsor that I cannot be the winner after result was announced and prize was given. Come on! PR!! This is PR disaster if the person you deal with is someone else. Both the host and sponsor did not communicate on the terms before organizing the contest and the winner has to be penalized for their miscommunication and misorganization. The sponsor calling it unfair for me to win but legally it is no longer about fairness but trust once prize is given. It is BREACH OF TRUST!

Oh well… I know I’m no big time blogger/influencer/KOL or whatever you called it. If I happened to be one, I am sure the sponsor won’t dare to act that way. Too bad, I am not and I am too kind to still talk nicely and share knowledge with the host for future campaign. The summary is in my Instagram and Facebook page which I posted last night. Let it be a lesson to everyone even though the posts are not getting any traction. Don’t care la! I’ve told you my part, it’s for you to judge who is right or wrong. Whatever it is, do not use foul language if you want to comment. Cheers!

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