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Xiao Yang Self-Heating Braised Meatball Rice Pot

March 1st, 2021 · Nobody Surrendered

Last year end, bought another instant pot. This time around, it’s rice pot. It’s fun ‘playing’ with this kind of product. Very interesting haha… Of course, I made a video for it too. Here’s the video for it.

Didn’t expect that uncooked rice can be cooked just with the heat from the heating pack. Interesting. No need rice cooker at all. You can imagine how much heat the heating pack can generate. Don’t play play. Make sure you take safety measure when you prepare this kind of pot. No wet hands when handling the heating pack! Also, place it on surface that can stand high heat, glass table is a NO!

Will be doing another one soon. Not rice though. It’s another brand of hot pot. Can’t wait to ‘play with it again’.

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