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Sarawak Chinese Slang Now on TikTok | Bay Hiao (S3/Pt11), Lau Ya (S3/Pt12)

March 16th, 2021 · Nobody Surrendered

I’ve decided to create an account specifically for Sarawak Chinese Slang on TikTok. New video will be released on Every Monday, 10.30pm (Malaysia Time). It’s not new content actually, I’m just re-posting all the episodes of Sarawak Chinese Slang Series from Season 1 to 3 in it. I know TikTok algorithm doesn’t work with this kind of posting but I don’t care! Since no body (as far as I know) have this content in there, I just want to add mine in. Don’t waste since they now allow video up to 3 minutes while almost all my episodes are less than 3 minutes, why not? Mind to be my follower on TikTok? Hehehe… Or you can follow my personal one at lovebellbelle at TikTok ;p

Here goes another 2 slang that I’ve not shared here yet.

Looks like we are on the way going into the 1st anniversary of MCO… How time flies?!?! No doubt we are still going to be in it this year until don’t-know-when… Oh well… Continue to take care of yourself and your loved one. Hope it’s going to be over soon… *dreaming*

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