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ASMR Unbox & How to Cook Fei Chan Guo Self-heating Hot Pot, Old Duck Soup Flavour with No Duck Meat

April 13th, 2021 · Nobody Surrendered

Always fun to record and prepare instant hot pot. Bought this because I thought that it is not spicy as I don’t see the word “mala” on it but it’s actually spicy for those who cannot tolerate spiciness. It’s sourish too. If you like spicy salted vegetable soup, you can try this.

I can’t seem to find this flavour on Shopee but here’s the link(https://invol.co/cl228g9​) to other flavours that you might be interested to try.

By the way, make sure you prepare this kind of hot pot on a table or surface that can handle high heat. Glass is a no-no.

Let me know your feedback if you have tried it 😉

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