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8-Minute Rice Cooker Horlicks Lava Cake | No Sugar Lave Cake | Easy Rice Cooker Cake Recipe (ASMR)

May 5th, 2021 · Nobody Surrendered

Chocolate lave cake is common. Ever since I successfully made lava cake last year. I’ve been thinking of making different flavour lava cakes. Got Horlicks, so decided to try it out and it works! Instead of Milo, I replaced it with Horlicks.

Here’s the full recipe:
4tbsp Horlicks
1tbsp Hot water
Mix them well until pasty.

1 Egg

3tbsp Flour

3tbsp melted butter(salted/unsalted butter)

Combine A and B, mix well.
Combine C with AB mixture, mix well.
Add D to ABC mixture, mix well.
Grease the cupcake mould.
Pour ABCD batter into cupcake mould.
Steam for 8 minutes(DO NOT STEAM OVER 8 MINUTE!!).

Have fun trying! I have plan for matcha latte lava cake… Have all the ingredients, just need the mood to make and eat it. 😉

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