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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2021

May 14th, 2021 · Nobody Surrendered

Wishing my Muslim friends a safe Syawal this year. It’s was a last-minute decision that our government had to make that there will be no visiting and crossing districts and states to celebrate. What to do? It’s all for our own safety. The hospital beds and ICUs are running out. Sarawak still refuses to follow the MCO order from the federal side. It’s not getting any better here and soon we’ll be seeing resources running low. Had just found out recently that a number of acquaintances are now in the hospital fighting for their lives all because of some decisions that some idiots decided to make and these people are paying for that egoistic decision now. Sigh… Whatever… Say so much also no use. Just hope for the best, stay safe and healthy, everyone.

By the way, since we can’t go visiting, can’t go anywhere, I dug out my baju kurung that I’ve never really worn. So… These photos are exclusively shown here on my social media accounts, you will never see me in such clothes in public. I just cannot wear them out haha…

There you go… Take care! Enjoy your weekend.

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