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#CucukMyAZ at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (HCO B), 8/6/2021, 8.30am, What to Expect?

June 14th, 2021 · Nobody Surrendered

As you know #CucukMyAZ started in Kuching on 7th June 2021 and will be going on until July (if I recall correctly). Mine will be in few days time. Here’s the video that you might want to watch to see what and how it’s done.

*Pause the video if you want to read the details.

This experience was recorded at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (HCO B, blue zone) dated 8/6/2021. The appointment time was 9am, first morning batch. We check-in at 8.30am, number called at 9pm, check-out at 9.30am.

As there might be different team/organization in charge of each hall on each day, the experience might be different depending very much on the crowd situation. However, I believe the steps are similar.

It took 1 hour to complete everything. They even called my parents to confirm their attendance before appointment time. However, if your time assigned is in the morning, they will call you the day before.

There were more people in the morning, slightly longer wait but all in all it took us 1 hour. While in the afternoon, less people, no long waiting time but it was also done in 1 hour because of longer observation time. Since each hall was managed by different team/organisation, they had slight variation of management style but it didn’t affect their professionalism. Good job!

I wanted to film the experience for HCO A too but everything happened too fast that there wasn’t even chance to record properly. The experience was slightly different but in general the process was the same.

By the way, please only go when it’s your appointment time, do not go early to avoid unwanted crowding and issues. If everyone follows the assigned time, there will not be unhappy incidents like what we’ve been hearing. So please… Be responsible to yourself and others.

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