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Ely & Cindy Custom Wedding(PART-1)

November 25th, 2006 · 2 Surrendered

Today is the day! I was hardworking enough to wake up at 4am and went to Ely’s house at about 5.15am with Jimmy. I joined the groom’s party -_-” I’m the only girl! *GULP* Had breakfast there and then took some photos while waiting for them to pick up the bride at 6am. It’s so tiring compare to Ann’s. Being the bridesmaid wasn’t that tiring as being the “working party”. Summore, theirs were much complicated than Ann’s.

I will blog about this wedding by parts, so bear with me, you’ll be fed with this wedding related posts for one week(I guess…). A lot! Besides, my battery died after the tea ceremony for the elders at the groom’s house. The rest of the photos are in the groom’s camera. Luckily he got another battery as it went low before the tea ceremony at the bride’s house. This means that I can only blog about the starting part only. Will get the photos soon πŸ™‚

Some photos taken at the grooms house before setting out. The mini muffins were our breakfast. The purple ribbons are for the entourage cars. They also prepared firecrackers. See the pink ribbon next to the oranges? It’s for the groom’s party to be pinned on their shirts. As for me, it’s on my blouse πŸ˜›

6am… Time to set out. They picked up the “good luck” woman first(I don’t know what it’s called in English πŸ˜› She’s the woman in brown). This woman must be married with children and have a happy family.

When they reached the bride’s house, the bride’s party played tricks on the groom and his friends. They fed the groom’s party with biscuits that the bride’s dog likes. *LOL* No worries, it’s not dog biscuits, it’s just normal biscuits that us human consumed. They even had to sing our national anthem before meeting the bride. However, the bride wasn’t in her room. They hid her in another room. Finally Ely found her. He gave her the hand bouquet and few kisses upon instructions of the both parties. Then, Cindy pinned the corsage. After that, they set out to the groom’s house. See the red umbrella? If not mistaken, we forgot all about it that time during Ann’s custom wedding ceremony. The umbrella was to ward off evil spirits.

When reached the groom’s house, they went straight to the couple’s room. They had this ceremony of opening the luggage filled with the gifts for the bride from her family. All the gifts were placed on their bed. See that yellow thing there? πŸ˜› Guess what? It’s was so cute! Lucky he send one and not millions and millions of them πŸ˜› It’s a gift from a net friend at KL that couldn’t attend their wedding. He bought it from Singapore and sent to Kuching from KL via Poslaju. By the way, Jimmy and I sort of represented Ely’s net friends to be there for the ceremony and at the same time be his videographers.

Next, a boy was required to jump and roll on their bed so that they will be blessed with children. After that, see the potty? Hehehe… They put some peanuts and lotus seeds in there and asked the boy to pee in there.

After all that, we went down to have more breakfast again while waiting for the groom’s relatives to come. It was only 8am++. We had some photo sessions. Sweet dumplings were served and they both were required to feed each other to symbolise happy marriage.

That’s all for part one, these are all the photos I have πŸ™‚ Stay tune for part two. I’m still in the process of receiving the photos.

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