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Ely & Cindy Custom Wedding(PART-2)

November 27th, 2006 · Nobody Surrendered

After the groom’s house, they went to the temple to pay respect to the groom’s ancestors before going to the bride’s house for tea ceremony.

After the temple, they went back to the bride’s house for tea ceremony. The bride’s father removed the veil partially and then the groom finished it up. After that, we just waited for other relatives to arrive. While waiting, it’s eating time again. Sweet dumplings were served.

After the tea ceremony, family potrait was taken. Then it’s the end of it. We just waited for the time to go to Kuching Mandarin Restaurant for lunch. This restaurant is situated opposite DHL above Chilipeppers.

After lunch, we went to Thian Court at Crown Square to plan for the setup of video camera’s position. Ely’s friends was in charged of the projectors positions and table number arrangement.

When I reached home, it’s almost 2.30pm already. WOW! Been “working” for almost 12 hours. Extremely tired. Thought of taking a nap but didn’t. After taking my shower and edited some photos for blogging, I got ready to go to Thian Court. We reached there at about 5.30pm because we need to set up the video camera. Dinner was supposed to start at 6.30pm but as you know… Chinese banquet never start on time, it will definitely delay for 1 hour or so. If you are lucky enough, the shortest delay will be half hour.

Third post coming up! Do come back for more update ;-p.

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