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Ely & Cindy Custom Wedding(PART-3)

November 28th, 2006 · 1 Surrendered

OK… It’s dinner time! We reached there at about 5.40pm to set up the video camera but realised that an extremely long cable was needed for the video camera and projector to be able to connect to each other. Ely friend’s called up somebody to send the cable over but that somebody was occupied with other works so we waited, waited and waited until 6.30pm, I guess… The dinner supposed to start by then but as I said previously, Chinese banquet will never start on time. Phew…

I’m not sure what time did the dinner starts as we were so busy with the video camera setup and projector display. Totally forget what time it was already.

The bride and groom were supposed to be there at the entrance to greet the guesst but it seemed like the makeup session took too long and they arrived later than the expected time, they appeared as the same time as most guests *LOL*. After all the guests arrived, the dinner started. The couple made the grand entrance and food was served. I will blog about the food in another post.

They had karaoke session because it’s a must for them. They are all karaoke “kaki”. The couple loves karaoke very much and I’m assuming that they met each other at karaoke too. The probability is high because Jimmy was one of their karaoke “kaki” too last time.*LOL*

The usual ritual, MC asked the couple to go up to the stage to open the champagne. Next, they were required to “feed”(I forgot the word for it -_-“) the champagne to each other. After that, the parents were invited to the stage joining the couple to “yam seng” to the guests. Of course it didn’t end there, the couple stayed on the stage to cut the cake and the typical feed-the-bride trick was done. We had them repeat the trick 2 times because it was too fast and we were not in time to snap pictures of it. So the third time, they were required to kiss each other on the lips but the couple tried to tricked us and got caught by us. The fourth time, they were required to kiss and turn 360 degree so that everyone from every angle could see them.

After all these, the couple were asked to sing a song. This is of course a must! Karaoke “kaki” didn’t sing any song wasn’t quite right *LOL* The bride and groom did give speech too, not long winding speech, they gave thanks to their parents for everything and also thank the guests for attending.

Then, it was time for the groom’s party to play trick on the bride’s party *LOL* They asked the bride’s party to go up to the stage and sing our national anthem as “revenge” because the guys were asked to sing it that morning. After so much “arguments” between the both parties, the guys ended up accompanying the girls on the stage and the girls sang the national anthem.

That’s all. The rest of the night were guests went up the stage to sing including the bride’s father. The dinner ended at about 9.30pm or earlier… Not quite remember. Very tired already and didn’t even track the time. All I know was that I wanted to get home and rest.

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