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The Big Waves Dreams

December 7th, 2008 · Nobody Surrendered

Actually I got some post to share but lazy to edit the photos ;p Exam coming soon… Must prepare for exam these 2 weeks. Oh dear… Stress… So many have to study. Tried to shop at Boulevard just now but couldn’t find anything to buy 🙁 All so expensive. Hopefully can get a new heels soon.

Remember the dream that I shared with you last time? The chasing dreams? Now I’m sharing another dream that I frequently have. It’s the big waves aka tsunami. It all started after I loss him. In the beginning, the dream was always a very bad and sad one which I actually shed tears while I slept. I dreamt that I found him in the midst of all the chaos lying there lifeless and with injuries everywhere. However, after a while, as time goes by, I no longer have this dream anymore.

The thing now is that I will dream of big waves hitting the places I’m in but the funny thing is that, the waves never hit me, I’m always being protected/shielded by something or I’ll be in a distance when the waves came and I would witness it destroying those things around me. Sometimes my loved ones or even some strangers were with me in the dream and they didn’t get hit by the waves also.

Once, I dreamt of the waves hitting Kuching, it came from Sarawak River. I was standing in one of the highrise buildings(no idea which one). The waves came and everyone ran up to the highest level of the building. Those that were with me, all were safe. Even those not with me were not hurt or had any casualty. The waves hit the building but we were protected by the glass windows of the building. Logically, the glass windows shouldn’t be able to handle the force but it did in my dream. The waves kept hitting and hitting and almost the whole Kuching was under water. The funny thing after that was on that night, there’s colourful floats floating around the flooded Kuching and everyone was cheering as if it’s a celebration. *sweat*

Then another time was I was having holiday with some people(no idea who were they) at a beach resort. It rained so heavily that everyone stayed inside the resort. Then suddenly a huge wave came and hit the resort. Guess what? It didn’t hit our room. It was so close, it did hit the room next to us and also other areas and destroyed the whole resort but not our room. There were only some water splashed into our room other than that we were fine, our room was fine. The ending of the dream? I have no idea at all.

These are just some that I can recall for now. What does it mean? Is it a sign telling me that I have a guardian angel looking after me everytime something try to “attack” me?

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