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Long Overdue Tag

January 12th, 2009 · 2 Surrendered

I got nothing to blog, so I’m doing this tag ;p I seldom do tags nowadays only unless you are lucky enough to tag me when I got nothing to blog and in the mood else I would just ignore it. It’s in Chinese… Maybe I’ll translate it.

This tag is by Annie.

The time now 现在几点:
3.55pm 午时三点五十五分

Your name 你的名:

The song you’re listening now 你现在正在听谁的歌:
No song to listen 没歌听

Where are you studying/working 你在哪里读书/工作:
Kuching, Sarawak 古晋,砂劳越。

The last thing you eat 你最后吃的一样东西是什么:
Arnott’s Shapes Nacho Cheese

The weather now 现在天气如何:
On and off rain 雨停了又下, 停了又下, 停了又下…

Wear contact lense 戴隐形眼镜吗:
Yes 是

The number of candles you blew in your birthday 上一次生日蛋糕上蜡烛的数目:
None 没有

The date you usually blow out those candles 你通常吹熄这些蜡烛的日期:
No candle, can’t blow… 没蜡烛吹

The pet you had before 你家养过什么:
Fish 鱼

Zodiac sign 星座:
Virgo 处女座

Siblings and their age 兄弟姐妹跟他们的年纪:
One sister 妹妹(22), one brother 弟弟(17)

Colour of your eyeball 眼珠颜色:
Very dark brown 很深的啡色

Got tatoo 有刺青吗:
Don’t have 没有

Do you like your life now 喜欢你目前的生活吗:
So-so 这样咯

Place of birth 出生地:
Kuching, Sarawak 古晋,砂劳越。

Staying place 住地:
At home 家里

Ever got into car accident 曾经出过车祸吗:
Yes 有

(How to translate this hahaha…) Are you flower heart 你会花心吗:
No 不会

Admired someone 暗恋过人吗:
Of course! I’m not a les 当然! 我才不是同性恋

What do you like to eat 喜欢吃什么:
Anything edible 只要能吃就好

What do you like to drink 喜欢喝什么:
Plain water 白开水

Favourite colour 喜欢的颜色:
Any colour, depending on my mood 什么颜色都好,看心情

Favoruite number 喜欢的数字:
Any number, depending on my mood 什么号码都好,看心情

Favourite movie 喜欢看哪一种电影:
Any movie, depending on my mood again… 什么电影都好,又是看心情…

Favourite cartoon character 最喜欢的卡通人物:
Don’t have 没有

The day you remember the most 最怀念的日子:
Can’t think of one 想不起

Favourite flower 喜欢的花:
Tulips 郁金香

People that you hope you won’t meet 最怕遇到的人:
Troublemakers 那些只会给人添麻烦的

Favourite sport 喜欢的运动:
Swimming 游泳

Favourite ice cream 喜欢的冰淇淋种类:
Doesn’t matter 无所谓

Thing that you scare 最怕什么东西:
Snakes, worms 蛇,虫

Favourite TV channel 喜欢看的电视台:
Doesn’t matter. As long that they have things that I want to watch 无所谓. 只要有我要看的节目就好了

In your next life, what do you want to be 如果有来世,你最想当:
No such thing as next life in my dictionary 没这样的事

Thing that you hate 讨厌做的事:
Troubles 麻烦

What is the thing that you hate that other people do 讨厌别人做什么:
Break promises 不守信用

What you can do best 擅长的事:
Nag, nag, nag and nag hahaha… 唠叨哈哈

The last time you’re admitted to hospital 上次上医院是什么时候:
*TOUCH WOOD* 大吉利是!

What is your ambition 以后想做什么职业:
Just sit and wait for money to fall from the sky *LOL* 等钱从天掉下来哈哈

Where will you be 10 years later 你觉得自己十年后会在哪里:
I don’t know… 不知道…

What do you do to kill your spare time 无聊的时候你大多做些什么:
Online! 上网咯!

The most worrying thing in the world 世上最恼人的事:
Money 钱

Best thing in the world 全世界最好的事:
World peace 世界和平!

Any boy/girlfriend 目前有男(女)友吗:
What do you think? I don’t know 你觉得呢? 我不知道

Your work attitude 做事情的态度如何:
Either a do my best or do my worst 做到最好或做到最烂

If someone misunderstood you, you will 如果有人误会你,你会:
Make his/her life miserable 不给他好日子过

Ever think of how to deal with people that you hate most 有想过要怎么对付你讨厌的人吗:
Of course! I’m human, I’m not a saint 当然啦!我是人不是圣人

Do you think it’s is a natural thing to do when your spouse paying on your behalf 你认为你的另一半帮你付钱是理所当然的吗:
Depends on the situation 看情况

Who will reply to this letter 你猜谁会最先回这封信:
Letter? 这是信?

Who will not reply 谁最不可能回复:
What do you think? 你觉得呢?

Who do you miss most now 现在心里最想念的人是谁:
You-know-who-you-are 你知道你自己是谁

When do you want to get married 要几岁结婚:
I don’t know… 不知道…

Having good mood today 今天心情好吗:
I guess so 应该吧

Ever thought of commiting suicide 有想过自杀吗:
*TOUCH WOOD* 大吉利是!

Who will reply 希望谁回信:
What do you think? 你觉得呢?

Will you let go of everything you have now 如果要你放弃现在所有的,你会吗?
Depending on what I will get in return, worth it or not 看你会给我什么,看值得吗

What is the time now 现在几点了:
8.10pm 晚间八点十分

Who you want to tag 点名:
None 没有

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  • 1 annant // Jan 13, 2009 at 9:44 am

    oo..u are a virgo..
    r u a neat freak? perfectionist? 😛

  • 2 sweet surrender // Jan 13, 2009 at 11:22 am

    LOL… hmm… neat freak or perfectionist, only sometimes, depending on my mood but if you see my room it doesn’t seem like a room of a virgo ;p.

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