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I’ll Wait…

April 18th, 2009 · Nobody Surrendered

Have some stuffs to blog about but quite busy and lazy to edit those pictures. There will be two posts coming, one about Celcom Broadband and another one is the latest place I dined in last night with some of my friends.

Anyway… Just simple text post, some randomness and thoughts.

Sometimes we, human, like to take thing for granted or just look at the big picture and never bother about the little things in life. In fact, these little things are the things that will make or break your life.

Recently I learn to look at the smaller things instead of the big pictures in life and notice that little things really matters a lot. These little things that you (you know who you are) did let me see and feel that you indeed care about me. It’s so tiny that it’s not obvious at all and I’ve been taking it for granted.

Those little things that never cross my mind at all until I examine them closely one lonely night. I’m glad I got it and I appreciate you even more now. Or should I say, loving you more each day? *BLUSH*

I’ll wait… I’ll wait for the day. I’m hoping it to be soon but with the situation now, we know it won’t be soon but I’ll wait. Missing you heapssssssss!

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