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Yi Jia Ren Restaurant

November 1st, 2009 · Nobody Surrendered

Just a quick update, feel so sleepy already, just got back from a dinner function.

Few days ago, we decided to go out to eat but couldn’t think of where to go so we just drove around Petanak area and I thought of trying out Aheko since never been there. Then to my surprise, it’s no longer Aheko, it’s now Yi Jia Ren Restaurant.

So we ended up here coz lazy to think of where to eat anymore. Nothing special, it’s just like any other Chinese restaurants serving Chinese cuisine. You can order dish by dishes(vegetable, meat, seafood etc.) or just order the rice/noodle dishes in the menu or set meals.

I ordered the set, butter chicken rice + air bandung + soup = RM6

Actually this is only available from 10am till 5pm but the waitress said can still order, so I ordered. The butter chicken rice is a bit sweet but not so bad.

Left: Hot and spicy ramen(RM6), at first it didn’t taste very spicy but the more you eat the more spicy it got. They didn’t ask for what level of spiciness you want though.

Right: Ramen with soup(RM6), the soup is pepper soup, nothing much to say about this. It’s just ramen in soup.

Overall, it’s just average, as usual like I always said, nothing to rave about.

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