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Blackout Again!

November 27th, 2009 · 2 Surrendered

For so many years, I think I experienced the most blackouts in my entire life this year. Last time, at least once or twice a year. Then this year, I lost count already.

The moon tonight is so bright. It’s rare opportunity to bask under the moonlight. It’s a blessing in disguise. However, really worry about my poor laptop, desktop, and modem as they’ve been suffering so much lately with so many power outages.

I’m going random today because is busy with my revision and some distractions here and there ;p Exam will be coming soon in December. After that, there’ll be another exam again right after Christmas. Then we will be heading into 2010.

Achieved anything? Well… So far for me, I discover a lot about myself, learning to look at life at a different angle, and joining a contest that I thought I will never be joining. Let’s see…

  • There is no point to hate people because it will only hurt yourself. People will not care that you hate them, they are still doing whatever they please. Therefore there is not point to hurt yourself like that, they don’t care what’s more when they are total strangers that you just don’t like the way they look. Why don’t you do yourself a favour and be happy rather than hating this and that which do no good to your health. Just ask yourself some questions, “What do I get by being unhappy about the person? Will it do me any good? Will that person care?”. If all the answer are negatives, then you will be happier and think to yourself that it’s just silly to make yourself suffer when they don’t even bother about you being unhappy of them. It’s hard to switch our thinking but after several attempts you will get used to it.
  • Be selfish. YES! In certain situation, you just have to do this. Sometimes caring too much will do no good but it will be an extra burden to you. Analyze the situation, ask yourself some questions, “Why do I need to care so much? What happen if I don’t care? What do I get from caring so much when the person doesn’t even bother/care about it?”
  • There are so many to discover in life, it’s just a matter of whether you allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone or not. I’m still trying, it takes courage and lots of baby steps before I can take the huge leap. You’ll learn along the way and you’ll be surprised that there are so many out there to discover. It’s not easy but take it slow and easy, pushing too hard will only do harm to yourself.
  • Depending on yourself is better than depending on others. You’ll never know when the person will let you down. Backup plan is very important. I learned it the hard way.
  • Try to be happy and be positive most of the time, it’s good for health as stress will only cause sickness either physically or mentally. You are allowed to be sad or negative which is normal reaction that a human will have when they encounter something bad but don’t stay in there too long. Life still goes on, the sun will come up and down like no body business. They’re all part of life and it’s normal. I’m still learning…

Basically that’s all I can think of. I’m sure those who know me for ages will not be believing what I had just mentioned hahaha… Suddenly I have so many life theories *LOL* Oh well… Let’s just say all those falls make you wiser and it’s just a matter of whether you want to embrace it or not.

Actually I listed it down here as a reminder to myself as there were times when I forget about them. Since I’m determined to treat myself better, I have to write it down somewhere and practice them until they assimilate into my life. In fact, I understand what I want better after attended The Law of Attraction workshop few weeks back. I’m so glad that I made the right decision to join the workshop. Do you want to join? There’s one coming up in December. Let me know if you are interested.

Back to revision.

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  • 1 borneoboy // Nov 28, 2009 at 9:53 am

    Hi Irene. Those are pretty practical observations. Well done !

  • 2 sweet surrender // Nov 28, 2009 at 6:20 pm

    borneoboy, thanks 🙂

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