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Road Trip to Betong – Part 2

February 24th, 2010 · 2 Surrendered

Finally we reached Bukit Saban Resort Camp at around 10.30am. Before that we made a stop at Petronas for another toilet break and asked people which direction to go to the national service camp. It was a really looong way to the camp, we kept asking ourselves how far more to go *LOL*

The canteen and activity area of the camp. Visitors were only allowed to be at this area. There were so many parents, family members, and relatives that day. Visitors could even eat the food prepared that day at the canteen but of course most won’t go for it *LOL* Could see many “Pizza Hut” and “KFC” there hahaha… We had KFC.

Left: The place where the trainees were staying.

Right: Water activities equipments.

We left at around 2.30pm and decided to pay a visit to Sri Aman. Love the mountain views!

Left: Sri Aman was only 9KM from the junction to Betong. However, the 9KM really took ages because of the road. It’s tarred, just that due to the geographical condition, it slowed us a lot.

Right: The stadium at Sri Aman.

Finally we were greeted by some sort of modernity after passing by miles and miles of jungle, mountain, farms and so on.

The doves that symbolized the town, too bad I didn’t get to take a really good photo of it as we didn’t make any stop. We just drove and drove. Aman means peace in Malay.

I assume this is the place where you can see the tidal bore of the Batang Lupar River. I’m not sure when the phenomenon will take place, it will happen few times a year if not mistaken.

After Sri Aman, we headed down to the direction of Kuching. See the mountain? Nice!

On the way down, I asked my dad to stop by Mount Hosana as I wanted to take photo of the famous Mount Hosana Jesus Prayer Chapel. Drove too fast and not so sure on the exact location, we overshot the junction, lucky there’s no car behind so my dad quickly made a fast reversing into the junction.

There you go… The church. Seriously, I don’t think I can climb up there hahaha… There’s no hand reel and going down isn’t very easy also ;p

Took some photos of the church and we went straight down to Kuching.

Showing you the mountain view again! Just can’t help it. It’s really a magnificent view.

That’s the end of our first road trip to Betong.

Part 3 coming up, it will be the second road trip to Betong that happened last Saturday.

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  • 1 Pink Cotton // Feb 25, 2010 at 9:53 am

    mount hosanna is a very popular prayer spot for catholics…they have healing mass every sunday at 10am and so alot of sick people will make their way up the 100 steps to the church for the healing mass..can u imagine that? 🙂

    haha just fyi…

    and the reason they built the church up so high is bcos, they have seen angels appearing there…and a lot of miracles have been performed…

  • 2 sweet surrender // Feb 25, 2010 at 11:42 am

    pink cotton, yea.. That’s what i heard also. As for me, I guarantee cannot go up, if can go up also cannot go down LOL…

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