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Embassy K Box Karaoke @ tHe Spring

March 20th, 2010 · Nobody Surrendered

Finally! I got the chance to try out the new karaoke in town, Embassy K Box Karaoke @ tHe Spring. We had our very first girls’ night out there. It was such a crazy night!

Left: The membership that cost only RM10. No renewal needed. You can collect point with it and exchange for some products. It’s so small and cute! You will also get to sing for free daily at 6-8pm by paying only for a glass of drink for each person.

Right: Heading in… (This photo was taken before CNY ;p)

There were so many rooms there and I heard many people got lost when they went to the toilet ;p

We took the package that cost RM159(recommended for 6 people) and we were allowed to sing from 8pm-2am. We got a room for 6 people but there were 10 of us. So we just squeezed in ;p Our room had cute wallpaper, 12 Chinese zodiac animals. Different room has different wallpaper.

3 microphones are available in each room.

The song selection system was different type and their songs were quite updated compare to other karaoke outlets in Kuching.

The package came with a plate of snacks(I only had the fries, didn’t like the rest but too bad the fries weren’t very nice), three bowls of muruku, 3 jugs of drinks(we had Revive, green tea, and peach tea) and…

A bottle of sparkling juice.

The sound system was not so bad however I was quite surprised to find out that they were using CRT TV instead of LCD.

Lastly, our group photo. First time hanging out with all girls and first time go to sing with so many people! Interesting experience. I left early at 10pm, didn’t get to sing many songs. The rest left at 12am.

Looking forward to the next outing in few more months with the girls.

Now… The comment of the place.

We had non-smoking room, thank God for that! Finally I didn’t have to come out with smelly hair and clothes. However, the pricing was a bit high if not taking the package and the time slot wasn’t fixed and very confusing. I have no idea how much time was allocate to each room as there wasn’t any fixed time slot except the one at night, 8pm-2am, and for member(I think… I hope even if it’s only 2 people, it’s still 2 hours max rather than giving the amount of time based on number of people). *shrug*

I’ll go back there again maybe next month for the 6-8pm slot but with different people.

You can check out the details at Embassy K Box Karaoke.

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