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Damai Beach ~ Arrival(30th APR 2006)

May 1st, 2006 · Nobody Surrendered

WARNING: Bandwidth sucker and lengthy post!

9 of us met at King’s Centre’s Daily Food Cafe (can’t remember the name). Jimmy ordered fast food. Ann and I ordered Sarawak Laksa. The rest ordered don’t-know-what. LOL…

After lunch, off we went up to Damai Beach. It’s one of Holiday Inn resorts .

Left: The beach…. so sweet… see the couple below the tree.
Right: The chalets surrounded by coconut trees. We lived in one of these. Don’t be fool that you will be staying in such a big chalet, it’s actually a chalet divided into 4 rooms.

The bathroom. We were supposed to check- in at 2pm but it’s not cleaned yet, so we were told to go to the room 45 minutes later but when we reached there at the said time, it’s not cleaned yet. So we put our things in first and waited for them to clean the room. When the room service arrived, we went out for a walk. After some times, we went back to check out whether the room is cleaned or not and finally… it’s cleaned! We quickly changed into our swimsuits and headed straight to play at the pool and the beach.

Here are some sceneries of the resort.

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