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On the Way to Lundu

April 26th, 2010 · Nobody Surrendered

Going to share you the first part of my road trip last weekend. Going to show you the views that I saw when we were on the way to Lundu from Kuching.

Mountain view from somewhere in Batu Kawa.

This is one of the views fron one of the highest peaks of the road to Lundu. Very nice view right? Look at the faraway mountain.

Left: Going uphill…

Right: Finally reached the bridge. The view from the bridge. Last time, without this bridge, we had to use ferry to cross the river and usually there would be massive queue during public holidays that would take at least an hour or so to reach your turn. Sometimes we had to park our car at one of the villagers’ houses, paid them some money, then we would walk to board the ferry and then my uncle would wait for us with his van at the other end to save those waiting time. Gone are those days.

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