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Maxis10: HTC HD7: Camera & Video Functions

November 30th, 2010 · 2 Surrendered

Yes! I’m a tech noob, I’m reviewing this phone from a tech noob perspective. I never claim that I’m a tech expert. *LOL* If a tech noob like me can use a sophisticated phone like HTC HD7, what’s more to say about the rest? Sure no problem.

Anyway, today, the approach is a bit different. The video review is only for the video functions.

This video is not edited. It’s right out from the phone. The format is MP4. This video was taken using the VGA format. I’m sure you can find other video formats(720P or QVGA) from other reviewers.

From this video, it seems like the video function is quite good. Even I could record my narration clearly compared to my Canon IXUS 80IS. I’m quite impress by it.

Sorry about some parts where I don’t think you could listen what I was talking about or sounded like I’m mumbling because my throat suddenly acted up. As some of you know that I’ve been suffering from cough for quite sometimes. It’s hard to get rid of the cough in a short period of time and it made me sound funny. Sigh…

Zune, you need it for photos or videos or music transfer. Cannot use bluetooth to transfer to your computer.

Now… Let’s go to the photo quality. I’m sure you’ve been hearing complains about the pink tint and the camera not doing well under low light condition. I hate that! It makes my food PINK!!! AIKS! The button is not easy to press, have to press it hard but once you get the hang of it, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Still it requires a steady and strong hand. It does auto focus but once I pressed the button, the focus would be gone because my hand would shake! -.-”

Photos from the phone. All photos are straight out from the camera, no adjustment to the colour, only resized them.

PINK! I’m not a fan of pink colour.

Some tips for those that want to take self-portrait using this phone, steady hand(use both hands), beware of the flash, I got blinded by it few times and it’s really no fun ;p Make sure your palm is not touching the screen especially the search and/or back button.

It’s not possible to use this phone for a snap and go situation. Not going to be easy for me especially when I need to take food photos fast as I don’t want my dining companions to wait for too long before they could eat their food.

The following photos were taken using different modes available in the camera, I know some modes are not appropriate for the subject taken, I just want to show you the colour difference produced by different mode under the same lighting condition.

The camera can be activated by just pressing hard for few seconds on the camera button even when the phone is lock. However, to me, it takes much more time to do that. I rather unlock the phone and press the camera tile in the Start Screen. Told you… The button is hard to press.

In conclusion:
The phone camera isn’t that bad when the lighting condition is good.
It’s not performing well under low light condition.
You need great skill to camwhore with it.
The button is hard to press.
You need to have a lot of patience when using the camera, snap and go is not possible as least for me.
I was surprised with the video quality.
I will not use it as my primary camera especially when I’m out dining since I blog about food.

Next up, I think I’m going to talk about HTC Hub. I don’t think you will get video for it because assignments are coming in, exam in about 2 weeks time, it’s time to get busy again. It’s not easy to do video production, very time consuming. I guess I can spare you the agony of watching my lousy video hahaha…

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  • 1 Alex // Nov 30, 2010 at 7:06 pm

    Lol, I guess the way the design the SMARTphone is to prevent ppl from camwhoring.

    Video is very clear though.. You tried taking during low light?

  • 2 sweet surrender // Nov 30, 2010 at 7:53 pm

    Alex, I tried to take video in dark when in the car, it’s better than my camera. However, I deleted the video already so can’t share it here.

    Based on what some other reviewers said, they said the video in low light condition is much better than the photo in low light condition. Then again, as you can see from my video, the one behind the curtain, it’s not so bad, the lighting is not as bright as outside the window.

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