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Maxis10: HTC HD7: Why Different?

December 4th, 2010 · Nobody Surrendered

So… Why is HTC HD7 so different from other phone? I’m not a smart phone user nor did I handle one before this. This post is posted based on what I heard from other smart phone users and also some research online. It might not be accurate but then again, I’m just sharing my virgin experience with you ;p

Dark to Light / Light to Dark
You can change your phone screen colour from the dark side(black background) to the light side(white background) and vice versa.

You can customize your Start screen and change the tiles’ colour. This is one feature you don’t get in most smart phones(or all? I don’t know…). It will be great if we can make our own background or have themes for it. It will be even more personalized.

Kickstand, Huge “Keypad”, Sensitive Screen
Taken from HTC official website: Just flip out the kickstand, kick back and catch all the magic of your favorite movies and videos.

The huge “keypad”, no more straining your eyes.

The screen is sensitive, no pressure required. Navigating around is so easy too. Sometimes, it’s too sensitive which annoyed me a bit but that’s just sometimes.

Microsoft Office and Weather App
You can view and edit the latest Office docs on your phone! Don’t have to print some of the documents that don’t have to be printed out. Save paper, save ink, save the environment. Very handy.

Weather app with rich 3D animation and great sound. Frankly, I found it very entertaining ;p

Voice Search and Picture Hub
Where can you find voice search? Even though sometimes it’s not accurate, still it’s fun to use it when your hands are occupied with other things.

Picture Hub does not only store your photos you had taken, you can even synced your photos in computer with the phone or view your friends’ latest photos in Facebook. You can also post a comment on the pictures your friends have posted on Facebook or Windows Live.

The background can be changed to your own preferred photo/picture.

Big Screen and XBox Live
The big 4.3″ high resolution screen is what makes it so different from other phone. I’m in love with screen!

Where can you find Xbox Live? Most of the games have great sound and graphics. At the same time, you can also collect award when playing and customize your avatar. Played Need for Speed with it, it was awesome!

Am I tempting you to get one? I heard the market price is RM2k+. WOW! I can buy a laptop with it!!! However, you can always get it with cheaper price with Maxis. Sign up for a 24-month contract, it will only cost you RM1399 while with the 12-month contract, the phone costs RM1699.

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