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Earn RM10 By Signing Up With Ebay

April 3rd, 2008 · 2 Surrendered

OK! Here’s another way to make money. It’s pretty easy. All you need to do is contact Alex, let him know you want to take up Ebay Light Easy Course.

It’s easy, I’ve done it myself, not under him though hehehe… It’s not scam. It’s legal, you’ll get RM10 to list your item in one of Ebay pay sites. The listing fee is only few cents. List something less than USD0.99 then you don’t have to pay so much.

You have to make sure that you have a credit or debit card with you to do so. Be sure that you register a valid Ebay account. Only those accounts which are less than 2 months old will be considered. As for me, I already have one for years but I registered another for this. I will join both account together when I’m free.

I don’t know how to use Ebay, how can I do it?!??!?
I’m sure you will say this if you had never trade in Ebay before. Don’t worry, he will guide you step by step from the beginning till the end. He will also give you advise on more effective listing. Don’t play play, he’s a Powerseller! He got all the skills to teach you how to make it big in Ebay.

It’s great for those that had never sell anything in Ebay pay sites such as ebay.co.uk or ebay.com. No harm trying and learn as you will be getting RM10 which you still earn, the listing is only few cents in USD, currency is based on which Ebay site you list.

Let me share my experience with you when going tru’ this short course. Well… I didn’t have step by step guidance that time though hahaha… I preferred to do it on my own as I have experience in listing in Ebay but not in Ebay pay sites. However, at the end, I had to get help *LOL* You’ll know why.

1. I registered my new account at ebay.com but I was automatically redirected to ebay.com.my, don’t worry about this. It doesn’t matter. Just get yourself registered.

2. Done registering. I logged out of my ebay.com.my and login to ebay.com.

3. I did my usual thing of listing my items for sale but I need to link my debit card to this new account. Got a bit of hiccups here and there when trying to do that but finally got it done. I did it at first without the guidance under the other Powerseller until I got stucked with this step that I had to contact her. It turned out that there were some system problems with Ebay… So duh~ But you don’t have to worry, if you are new or not new like me, Alex will definitely guide you.

4. I tried again few hours later, DONE! I got my item listed and I sent her my item URL. It’s not that hard. I listed my item for USD0.99. Next thing, I’m asked for my bank account so that she could bank in RM10 to me.

5. I checked my debit card account and got a shock of my life, my account was deducted 7 times, each time RM3, I thought my card got hacked but phew… It’s not… Hahaha… It’s Ebay wanted to make sure that I have an amount of money to transact in Ebay. They will give your money back to you after a week. Don’t worry.

Sign up now! You won’t loss anything. You will earn RM10 and at the same time learn about new things by just spending that few cents of listing fee. If you manage to sell your item, then you will earn even more, if you don’t, there’s no harm, after deduct from that RM10, you still earn some money couple with the knowledge from Ebay Powerseller.

What’s so good about it?
Having a Powerseller to guide you is not easy, they are very busy people and they are giving you chance now to learn from them personally, one-on-one and even pay you for it!

In fact, I’m feeling like selling internationally after trying it out. Just that I have nothing to sell yet. Hahaha… At least I have an account ready already.

Go! Go! Go contact Alex who is also eBay Education Specialist and sign up to be taught by him. Who knows you will be a Powerseller one day too. It’s a real thing OK!?! I even have a photo of him to show to you, very friendly guy, this is his photo. Hahaha… Don’t forget Kuching is so small, if he did something wrong to you, he has no way to run! Hahaha…

I really recommend you to join this course, I’m sure you will be more confident in selling in Ebay after this.

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