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Singapore Trip 29/12/2010-1/1/2011 – Part 3

January 7th, 2011 · Nobody Surrendered

After Orchard Road, we made our move to Sembawang to hand over something to my cousin.

Before that, we went to Sun Plaza just next to Sembawang MRT for a quick munch. Had it at the food court. Need to use the lift to go up, didn’t know such place exist. Had a bao and strawberry milk ice dessert. In fact, we shared a plate of rice but I forgot to take photo of it hehehe…

After sending the thing over to my cousin. We headed straight to Sembawang Shopping Centre using the free shuttle.

Went straight for dinner at Astons Specialities because my dad told us that the queue could be quite long. Indeed, the place was packed! We had to wait. I notice that this trip I forgot to take photos of all the long queues I encountered. Every place we went, sure long queue.

We ordered 2 types of food only to share since we had some food earlier on at Sun Plaza.

Left: The steak is a must try. Prime Sirloin (SGD11.50) with two sides. We had Mashed Potato and House Salad.

Right: Medium rare. If only we get such good steak with RM11.50 here, it would be great but with such price, I don’t think you can get any decent steak or even steak this thick.

Left: Another photo slightly up-close. Actually I placed the wrong photo, lazy to change.

Right: Onion Ring, one of the sides for Grilled Fish with Herbs.

Left: Grilled Fish with Herbs with two sides, Pasta Salad and Onion Ring (SGD7.50). This one wasn’t bad also.

Right: Mug Rootbeer(SGD1.50).

Overall, this place was not bad. The prices were very AFFORDABLE if you are earning SGD. No wonder so many people dined here. We waited for our food for almost half hour! You can imagine that… Even if convert the prices back to Ringgit, these prices couldn’t get you such quality of western food in Kuching, it’ll still be very far from this.

After dinner, we thought of going to Yishun but the free shuttle that was parked there waiting for passengers was to Sembawang. Since it’s late already, almost 9pm, we just got on that bus and went back to where we came from to go back to Bugis.

When we’re back to Sembawang, we went to Sun Plaza again to see see look look and buy some breads(there’s discount when they are closing to clear stock) for the next day’s trip. My bro bought some sushi for supper also but I forgot to take the photo ;p

That’s day 1 for you. Reached hotel at almost 10.30pm. Only first day and I felt so exhausted and legs were so painful. It’s really no fun to travel when your Aunty Flo is just around the corner.

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