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Make Money With Social Spark

April 26th, 2008 · Nobody Surrendered

Remember we all got spanked by BIG G for doing paid posts for 3xP? Now almost all of us don’t have a PR left. It’s so hard to grab a simple opportunity in 3xP anymore. It’s been months and I’m not making even USD50 since I got spanked. Pathetic or not? My online income dropped more than 50% after that. Sigh…

I was told that SocialSpark will change all these, we will get to post link using nofollow, this way we won’t be leaking anymore link juice. No more PR ranking is required also with Social Spark. I’ve been waiting and waiting and finally it’s launched! Of course, I quickly get an account for myself.

I found out that, Social Spark is not only about paid posts but also other things like you can place ad banner in your blog(they called it Blog Sponsorship, the purple tag), you can get people to blog about you and in return you have to blog about them or you get the chance of winning some freebies from them(they called it Spark, the orange tag).

When I setup my account, I found out that I can actually get samples or products to blog but I doubt that they will send it all the way to Malaysia hahaha… However, for those of you in the US, I’m sure you will have your chance.

Taking the task to write is a bit confusing for me at first. Before that you must have a verified blog before you can do anything. Only tasks with two green rectangles are available to you. You must have a good RR(RealRank) to enjoy them. So building your traffic is very important.

If the slot is full, you can wait in queue. When it’s available, you will get a notification about it and you must complete it within 6 hours but I heard it’s actually 12 hours. To be on the safe side, complete it as soon as possible before you forget about it and your money fly away. If the slot is still available, you can write it immediately. I was lucky to be able to get two slots few days ago, that explains the paid posts few days ago 😛 hehehe…

Don’t worry, I won’t bombard you with all the paid posts. Even if I do, I will only write short post instead of long winding one. I need the money… Sigh… Don’t leave me… Please… *LOL*

You can add friends just like Facebook or Friendster with your Social Spark account. You see me there? Hehehe… Wanna add me as your friend? 😛 Did you know you can even bring in traffic to your blog with this? I found out that I had many new visitors after joining Social Spark which help me rank better.

One last thing I want to mention, you can leave your feedback or comments about the task you had taken. You can give them a prop(thumb up) or drop(thumb down). Oppss… I accidentally gave this task a drop hahaha… Why? I accidentally clicked on it, I wanted to click on other things but didn’t know that my cursor had moved to this location hahaha…

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