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Maya Masala Indian Restaurant

May 5th, 2011 · Nobody Surrendered

Oh ya! I just realized I owe you a post on Anzac Day hehehe… Totally forgot about it. It will come soon.

Had a wonderful dinner last night with my friend and his family at Maya Masala Indian Restaurant which is located at 10, Market Street. I’m no expert in Indian food, I seldom had Indian food when I’m in Kuching. If you notice, the only Indian food I had often was roti canai ;p

Left: Menu.

Right: Pappadams (AUD2.80).

Left: Mixed Platter for 2(AUD6.90). 2 pieces of samosa, 2 pieces of sheek kebab & 2 pieces of chicken tikka. The sheek kebad is an acquired taste. Not everyone will like it, it’s quite salty though. The rest of the food on this platter was good. The green thing in the middle is mint+yogurt dipping sauce. This is also something not everyone will like because it tastes like toothpaste hahaha… However, once you got used to it, it’s quite nice especially to have it with the food on the plate.

Right: This is one very interesting entree. Tandoori Paneer Tikka (AUD10.50). Pieces of home made cottage cheese marinated in Indian spices, yoghurt and grilled in the tandoor. My first time having cottage cheese.

Left: Garlic Naan (AUD3.40). Leavened bread topped with garlic cooked in the tandoor. This is good too. YUM!

Right: The main courses.
Starting from top left, I’m not so sure what’s that, could be Tandoori Roti (AUD2.80),
wholemeal unleavened bread cooked in the tandoor; Mutton Curry (AUD16.50), a traditional goat curry on the bone with herbs, spices, green chillies & tomato in Kashmiri style; Basmati Steam Rice (AUD3.00).

Starting from the bottom left, Gosht Mumtaz (AUD17.50), pieces of boneless lamb cooked in a mild traditional cashew nut based curry; Dal Makhani / Dal Tadka (AUD11.90), lentils in a thick gravy flavoured with onion, ginger & garlic; Murg Makhani (AUD16.90), yoghurt & marinated chicken fillet cooked in a cream, tomato & butter sauce.

All were delicious!

The Murg Makhani was a bit too sweet but when had it with rice, it was quite tasty.

The Mutton Curry was a bit spicy but I could tolerate the spiciness. So all is well 😉 Since it came with the bones intact, so it’s a bit hard to eat.

Dal Makhani / Dal Tadka was my least favourite. The taste of spices was a bit too strong.

The rest were just right. Overall, it was a very good meal with very nice dining companions. It’s strange to take the food photos with people you just know and in a foreign country ;p

Not forget also the Mango Lassi, it was THICK! Quite sweet but once you had eaten all those strong flavoured food, it blended in pretty well.

Thanks for inviting me to the dinner 🙂 I Was so stuffed! Haven’t eat this much for 2 years I think… Even when I had food tastings, I wasn’t this stuffed. Only time I’ll be this full was if I’m having all-you-can-eat buffet hahaha…

You can check out more details of this place here…

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