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Collection of Food I Cooked in Adelaide (4)

May 15th, 2011 · Nobody Surrendered

It’s been awhile. Not easy to compile it.

Left: 10/4/2011, lunch. Macaroni cheese with sliced chicken meat and diced capsicum.
Right: 10/4/2011, dinner. Porridge with egg, tomato, and carrot.

Left: 11/4/2011, lunch. Carrot rice served with stir fry chicken meat with French beans and diced capsicum.
Right: 11/4/2011, dinner. The carrot rice from lunch, added bok choy in.

Left: 12/4/2011, lunch. My not-so-successful French toast sandwich, the other side was kind of burnt ;p in between the breads was chicken meat. I smoked the whole apartment hahaha… Luckily didn’t trigger the smoke detector.
Right: 12/4/2011, dinner. Chicken soup noodle with bok choy.

Left: 13/4/2011, dinner. Fried rice, there’s chicken meat, carrot and Frech beans.
Right: 14/4/2011, lunch. Bread with Heinz Big’ n Chunky Flaming Chicken served with iceberg salad.

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