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Collection of Food I Cooked in Adelaide (5)

June 11th, 2011 · Nobody Surrendered

Finally got some time to do this post. There’s quite a gap in this post, I in this collection because I didn’t do any cooking that time because there’s people who cooked for me.

Left: 15/4/2011, lunch. Microwaved chicken wing marinated with salt and pepper (ignore the hair ;p) and iceberg lettuce with butter rice.

Right: 14/4/2011, dinner. Butter rice with with Heinz Big’ n Chunky Flaming Chicken served with iceberg salad.

Left: 16/4/2011, lunch. Sweet chilli tuna stir fried with French bean and Carrot rice.

Right: 16/4/2011, dinner. Fried rice with bok choy and carrot. The seasoning for the fried rice was garlic, soy and honey sauce.

Left: 18/4/2011, lunch. Fried noodle with sweet chili tuna and red and green capsicum.

Right: 19/4/2011, dinner. Leftover taco from dinner the other night. I didn’t cook, it was my friend who bought the taco set and just added in beef. I had it with iceberg salad. Anyway… I modified the leftover for my next day dinner.

Left: 20/4/2011, dinner. Heated up the taco filling leftover and dump in my rice. Mixed them well in the pot and served hot. Quite nice.

Right: 21/4/2011, lunch. Noodle in seaweed soup with tomato and egg.

Left: 22/4/2011, lunch. Fried noodle with red and green capsicum and carrot. The sauce was garlic, soy and honey sauce. My microwaved chicken wings was overcooked ;p No idea how long and used too high heat and too long cooking time. Marinated with chicken stock, salt, pepper, garlic, soy and honey sauce.

Right: 26/4/2011, lunch. Stir fried vegetables with microwaved chicken wings. Same marinate used except this time not overcook ;p

Left: 28/4/2011, lunch. I got lazy, just did a quick one, white bread with blanched carrot and iceberg lettuce dressed with sweet chili and a cup of instant corn soup.

Right: 29/4/2011, lunch. Oriental fried rice, it’s just from the packet. I added in mixed vegetables only. I’ll have some posts about some of the ingredients I used some other time such as the canned food or instant rice mix and more.

Left: 30/4/2011, lunch. Noodle in seaweed soup with carrot and chicken meat.

Right: 1/5/2011, dinner. Leftover oriental fried rice and two slices of leftover Hot Mexican pizza. Apparently the rice was undercooked ;p I didn’t have enough water when cooking it hehehe…

There you go… More coming when I have the luxury of time. Exam in about 20 days. Done with my assignments. Now have to get into the mood of revision.

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