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KL Trip – Day 1(17.1.2006)

January 23rd, 2006 · Nobody Surrendered

Let’s start with day 1. Reached the airport at around 8.30am. The flight was supposed to be 9.20am but was delayed to 9.35am.

This was taken in the B737 of Air Aisa. The wears and tears of the interior were pretty obvious escpecially on the leather seats. Oh… you can recline in their B737 but not their new A320. The galley was pretty narrow just enough for the trolley to pass tru’.

The menu of Air Asia. Due to the affordable air ticket, you have to buy their in-flight meals in case you want to eat or drink. They don’t offer in-flight meals like those in MAS or SIA.

More of the menu…

Manchester United fans would surely love this!

The cabin crew in action, distributing the food for the army personnels in the flight.

Mineral water, Tom Yam cup noodle or rather bowl noodle ;p, 100 Plus.

Baggage collection area of KLIA.

The lobby of Berjaya Time Square.

Another shoot of the lobby.

The washroom of our apartment. No pictures of the rooms, it’s in Ann’s camera.

The views from our aprtment and Berjaya Time Square’s shopping area.

Ramen, korean style. Can’t recall the actual name. We had this at Time Square’s food court. The kimchi was delicious but the ramen.. so so… nothing special.

Left: Dumplings
Right: Fried dumplings

Both tasted hmmm… so so… the one on the left had lots of spring onions in there… eww…. I hate onions.

Bought my new camera here, Plaza Low Yat.

RM1299 plus free 256MB SD card. I paid with credit card, so with 3% charges, it’s RM1337. Almost gave up. The shop was full of people. So went to asked other shops and they were so expensive and no free gift. Before going for dinner, we noticed that there’s no more customer. So quickly grabbed the chance to ask.

There’s one that attended to me earlier was so unprofessional, he kept on busying with his PDA. Hello? I’m you potential cutomer, you’re turning me away, luckily your colleague came to the rescue!

The salesman is very nice. Very good customer service. Recommended. The crowd knows best hehehe… No wonder so many people there. The cameras are cheaper than others too. Do check them out, The Gadget Shop, ground floor.

Dinner at The Ship. The whole thing is like u’re dining in the ship. Pretty cool place. Pretty pricey too but they said they served the best steak.

You can see live oysters near the entrance.

Ann ordered raw oysters.

I ordered black paper chicken chop. The chicken was very tender and juicy 🙂 too bad I’m too full due to the garlic bread and the bun earlier on. I ate the chicken and the veggies but not the corn and the potato.

End of Day 1!

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