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Hog & Wild Saturday Mingle Party

September 9th, 2017 · Nobody Surrendered

Hog & Wild, located in Everrise, VivaCity, has been a place I patron for quite sometimes when I’m craving for pork dishes.

Starting September, they will be having monthly mingle party on the first Saturday of every month. It’s RM59/pax for buffet of gourmet food and two glasses of wine/beer.

Cheese!! Yummy cheese! Eat the bread with cheese. There’s many other condiments available also. You can try them all if you can.

Ah… I think I will just let the photos show you what I had. These are just some. I didn’t take photos of some dishes.

If you love pork, do come and try. All sort of pork dishes from east to west.

Pork filling pastries were also served.

All right, I guess that’s all for now.

Remember, it’s every first Saturday of every month.

Let’s end this post with cheese tarts. 😉

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Spring in Luoyang, China

August 26th, 2017 · Nobody Surrendered

Went to Luoyang in Spring but only posted it now and it’s already summer going into autumn soon! Hahaha!!

Luoyang is known as the City of Peonies. We took flight from Kuching to KL using Malaysia Airlines, then to Guangzhou using China Southern Airlines. Stayed a night in Gunagzhou and took the early morning flight to Luoyang with China Southern Airlines. Just the journey itself is tiring enough. We came back by using the route Luoyang to Guangzhou with China Southern Airlines and rushed to the other terminal to catch flight to KK also using China Southern Airlines but we couldn’t check through our luggage. Baiyun Airport is huge! We practically had to run all the way until check-in counter to check in our luggage again. Then from KK to Kuching with Air Asia. The journey took us the whole day just to get home.

We stayed in the new business district, it gave me a feeling of Putrajaya *LOL*. Bustling in the day and practically empty at night! There’s stark difference between the old and new district. You won’t find any cable or wiring throughout the new CBD.

About 5-10 minutes walk from Holiday Inn Express Luoyang City Center, there is a food street(政和路美食街 Zhen He Lu Mei Shi Jie) and a shopping complex. The food street selling all sort of Chinese food. No English menu though… Saw a lot of pork dishes and chicken feet hahaha… Was tempted to buy them but I didn’t. However, I did buy some from the hypermarket instead. Very spicy chicken feet but it was oh so good!!

One of the nights, we decided to go to a fish noodle shop to try out their fish noodle. The name is literally translated as Five Grains Fish Vermicelli(五谷鱼粉). So I ordered their signature dish. There were 5 different types of noodles with fish meat, fish ball, and vegetables. It’s a bit spicy though even though it didn’t look spicy. I can’t remember the taste but it’s not so bad or I was just too hungry that time. Hahaha… Portion was rather huge. Couldn’t finish it.

My colleague ordered their Rou Jia Mo(肉夹馍) aka Chinese hamburger aka pork belly bun. I seriously do not remember the taste of food I had back then, it’s been a long time. Well… Anything with pork is yummy. My colleague was happy with it so means it’s good enough.

Since it’s spring, let me share some photos of flowers I took while we walked around the CBD.

Sakai enough.. First time see real sakura 😛

Peonies were everywhere in the city! So pretty.

My first time seeing real peony too.

Aside from that, there are other flowers around. This looks like mini version of sakura. I’m no flower expert. I only know flowers are pretty hehehe…

Will be posting the tourist attractions I went while I was there soon. Enjoy your weekend!

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Rainforest World Music Festival 2017

August 16th, 2017 · Nobody Surrendered

Finally my blog is back after a long down time. This post supposed to be posted before it was down, didn’t make it in time *LOL*

RWMF 2017 happened last month, 14-16th July. It’s my third time joining. The first time was there as a blogger. Second and third were for official duty.

Happening every year at Sarawak Cultural Village. This year is the 20th anniversary of Rainforest World Music Festival.

Many green initiatives involved such as tree planting and sorting of garbage. More food choices as well, even Japanese, Korean, and Indonesian food can be found there.

I’ll just let the photos do the talking.

I do not have any night performance photos hahaha yet that is the climax of the festival 😛 What to do… My camera and phone couldn’t take proper photos with low light. Was on duty also entertaining my guests.

You can view them and read more from the official website rwmf.net

There workshops being conducted in various house in the village.

Aside from that, lots of handicrafts for sale.

The last photo showing Dom Flemons from USA, he sure has his fan base. Once he was out from the theater, his fans were waiting for him eagerly. They bought his CDs and asked him to sign.

Next year? We’ll see… Will I be there?

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Holiday Inn Express Luoyang City Center

July 22nd, 2017 · 1 Surrendered

Back in April, I went to Luoyang, China for work with my colleagues. It was spring but the weather can be pretty cold at times.

Holiday Inn Express Luoyang City Center was where we stayed for 4 days. The room was comfortable enough and surprising spacious because it’s an express hotel.

Conveniently located at Northwest of the intersection of Kaiyuan Avenue and Jinchengzhai Street, Luolong District and 14km from Luoyang Beijiao Airport and 8km from Luoyang Longmen High-speed Railway Station.

Left: The bed was awesome! There’s pillows that you can choose also.
Right: Do not expect full package of toiletries available, it’s very basic. No lotion, no conditioner. The shampoo cum shower gel were attached to the wall in the shower cubicle. Very big bathroom as well.

Do not expect iron and ironing board in your room too. you can wash your clothes and iron your clothes at the common laundry room though.

Do not expect room service, they don’t. The kitchen does not open 24/7 too.

The view from my room. Overall, the stay was pleasant even though it’s an express hotel. Staff were friendly and helpful.

This area is just like Putrajaya. At night, it’s pretty dead *LOL* However, just walked a bit further up at the back of the hotel, you’ll find a slightly more happening street where you can get many F&B outlets and a shopping complex.

Address: No.28, Jinchengzhai Street, Luolong District Luoyang, HA 471000, China (People’s Republic)

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Ausotel Smart Baiyun Airport

July 11th, 2017 · Nobody Surrendered

Extremely lagging post. So many pending. Went to Guangzhou for the first time in April, for transit only. Ausotel Smart Baiyun Airport was recommended by a friend in Guangzhou. Not entitled to stay in Pullman so have to stay a slightly further away, it’s less than 3KM from airport *LOL*, they have free shuttle.

Left: Approaching…
Right: The bed and pillows were pretty comfy, just too bad couldn’t sleep too long as we had to rush to the airport very early in the morning for flight to Luoyang. It claimed that it’s soundproof but my colleague’s room wasn’t that soundproof. As for mine, I didn’t hear anything though.

Left: The rooms is surprisingly spacious. The toilet and shower are not combined so it’s great if you have more than one person in the room. The vanity area is open concept with all the necessary toiletries.
Right: The basic coffee/tea making facility is available.

Free WiFi is available. The hotel can be considered rather new in that area. Great for transit. If you need to catch early flight, they can prepare packed breakfast. I can’t remember what we were given, I only remember yogurt and apple ;p

Good thing there’s restaurant in the hotel. There is nothing much around though. It’s like a dead town at night.

The room rate wasn’t very cheap, it cost us almost RM400 per night inclusive of breakfast. Well… What to do… It’s the most convenient and decent place to stay so that we could catch the early morning flight without the rush.

Address: Intersection of Hang’er Road and 3rd Konggang Road, Southeastern Working Section of Baiyun International Airport, Baiyun, Baiyun District, 510470 Guangzhou, China

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