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My Orders from Photobook

February 27th, 2019 · Nobody Surrendered

I’m sure Photobook is no stranger to people these days. You see the advertisements everywhere online. I have so many photos that are still in my hard disk that are not printed yet. I decided to try this website out when they have some promotions going around. I ordered its 4R prints and also 8″x6″ landscape Photobook. For the latter, I downloaded the software into my laptop, did my album design, and submit it for printing. It took awhile to figure out how to use the software but it shouldn’t be much a problem with people nowadays who are pretty much IT literate. Bear in mind though, it does hang a bit but just be patient. There’s also phone app that you can download to do your album design. I did not expect to received the final product in less than 7 business days. The quality is surprising good! ๐Ÿ™‚ Certainly a return customer. So far I’ve ordered three times from them already.

This post is not sponsored by them. I’m doing it because I’m a happy user of it. Do check them out from time to time for special offers so that you can try out their service without burning your pocket.

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[Vlog] Ep. 1: Haircut

February 23rd, 2019 · Nobody Surrendered

TADA! I finally did it! Hahaha… First vlog!

It was done in an impromptu manner. I did one last month but it was horrible ๐Ÿ˜… still a long way to go… Better start somewhere rather than thinking too much about it. I’m still thinking whether to do it in English or Mandarin. Maybe a mix of both.

If you’re wondering, I’m just using Huawei Nova 2 Lite for recording; Samsung Galaxy Tab 2S for editing with Filmigo app. At first, I was editing it on the computer but man… It’s hard work, my eyes really couldn’t stand it, so tedious. It’s much easier to use a mobile device but this also means it’s very basic, can’t do anything too complicated. However, if I’m gonna take vlogging seriously, eventually I need to use a computer for better editing ๐Ÿ˜‚ which also means I need a new laptop and camera ๐Ÿค” don’t think it will be any time soon hahaha…

My target is to be able to talk without NG-ing for at least 45 secs ๐Ÿ˜… then there won’t be much editing required. I did 6 takes on this video. Editing is a bitch ๐Ÿ˜… worst if with a computer hahaha…

I’ve also set up a new channel on YouTube just to post all my vlogs in. Just click on my video to visit the channel.

Anyway, I’m not sure when will the second video be up. We’ll see how it goes…

P/S: Pardon my Engrish ๐Ÿ˜‚ should be “Haircut” and “new hair” should be “new hairstyle”.

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Althea Makeup Swatches (Concealer, Lip Tint, Eyeshow Palette, Eye Glitter) & Gradient Lips & Peach Blossom Look Tutorial

February 19th, 2019 · Nobody Surrendered

So excited to receive a whole box of Althea makeup range just before Chinese New Year. Let’s see what’s in the box, Click to play the video…

Here’s my reviews of the makeup:

๐ŸŒบFlawless Creamy Concealer (RM15.00) – Surprisingly didn’t get stuck in my fine lines, not drying or cakey. Lasting over 8 hours and still not a problem until the end of the day, not drying too. It melts so well into the skin. Coverage is medium, you have to build it up though. For my skin colour, #02 Ginger suits me better. The rest I used them for highlight and contour.

๐ŸŒบWatercolor Cream Tint (RM20.00) – Honeydew scented, quite bold, pigmented, and have pretty sheen. Colour is nice. My lips can never agree with any gloss, lipstick, or tint because my lips will peel or flake after few hours. Hence I haven’t own any of these products for over 10 years. I only use lip balm of specific brand. Sadly this too ๐Ÿ˜ฃ The only way for me to fix the problem is to apply very think layer, leave it for 15 minutes, then gently wash it off with water just living the tint there. Next, top it with my usual lip balm. That would do the trick. I love Peach Cream #03 and Strawberry Cream #02.

๐ŸŒบSpotlight Eye Glitter (RM24.00) – Love this, not over the top. Can use it on its own or line your lash line or at any place you like to have a little glitter. It’s buildable.

๐ŸŒบSunrise Moonrise BCL X Althea Korea Eyeshadow Palette (RM140.00) – Pigmented, creamy, awesome colours! Long lasting!

Here’s the swatches, click on the arrow to view all the swatches…

The photos below are the lip tints I applied on my lips. Click the small arrow to see the other colours. I applied them in full and in gradient.

It’s simple to do gradient lips. My lazy way, just dot the lip tint to the inner centre of your lips, spread the colour in the inner centre in left-right motion with your finger to make sure that it is well-blend and bring the colour outward to the rest of your lips for the gradient effect๐Ÿ‘„

Ok… Now I’m going to share how I do the Peach Blossom look for Chinese New Year and Valentine’s.

The concealers were used for conceal, highlight, and contour.

I used Strawberry Cream #02 for my lips and also as blusher. I just applied whatever product left on my finger after I did the lips on my cheeks, just dab and blend it.

For the eyelids, I used Sunrise Moonrise BCL X Althea Korea Eyeshadow Palette.

Shiny cream(1) for the base and a bit on the brow bone for highlight.
Maroon(6) for half of the outer lid.
Shiny Pink(7) for the inner half of the lid.
Gold(4) to dab in the middle of the lid.

After that, I applied Spotlight Eye Glitter in Gold to line the lower waterline of my eyes, smudged it at the inner corner of my eyes too. Pardon the colour difference because of the lighting and also different camera used.

Final look without mascara and eyeliner.

It’s hard for me to show the colours when I open my eyes because my double eyelids are pretty much hidden most of the time hahaha… Hence, I applied the colour all the way above the lid instead of just inside the lid.

The actual colour should be looking like the picture above with my lid being numbered. That’s why I called it peach blossom because the colours are similar to the flower’s colour.

If you would like to get these, you can get them from Althea. Here’s my referral link(https://share-my.althea.kr/x/QcpHWU) if you don’t mind.

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First Experience with Emirates

February 15th, 2019 · Nobody Surrendered

We flew with Emirates in July 2018 to the UK. From Kuching to Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia Airlines, then from Kuala Lumpur to Dubai to Newcastle with Emirates. It’s my first time transiting in Dubai International Airport.

We had plenty of time there and we came across ice cream carts!! FREE ice cream with compliments from Emirates in conjunction with summer travel period between 15 June to 31 August 2018 at Terminal 3 departure and transit areas. Oh my! It was such a surprise. There were so many flavours to choose and I went for Mango Sorbet, very refreshing. We also tried the lemon Sorbet and it was SOUR, seriously sour!! Hahaha… Vanilla was just vanilla ;p

The ice cream, Emperor, is only served in premium classes on selected flights to Europe and the UK, and in the seven Emirates lounges at Dubai International Airport. It was great to be able to taste them at the airport because there is no way I could have access to the premium classes and the lounges.

Ok, now onto the plane. It’s not an extensive review, just in general based on my own experience. I was surprised to be greeted by air stewardesses with glasses! That sure was something that I didn’t expect. It’s pretty cool though because the air in the plane is dry and long hours of contact lens usage will hurt your eyes in long run. This is obvious that they do care for their crews’ well-being. My experience with them was good except one air steward who forgot about my instant noodle hahaha… But I don’t blame him, he was so busy tending to many other guests with all sort of requests.

It’s my first experience with Emirates A380. Look at the food! It’s been quite awhile not getting different type of airline food. I really have enough of nasi lemak or chicken rice or noodle *LOL* Those of you who always fly with our national carrier will surely have the same feeling hahaha…

Left: Even the cutlery! Not plastic! Imagine how suaku I was when I saw it, it’s been a long time not seeing such utensils inflight especially in economy class ๐Ÿ˜› oh well… I’ve never flown other classes that’s why so suaku.

Right: Seriously, not many airlines served instant noodle hehehe… OMG! Instant noodle just tasted so good inflight! When I saw this on the menu, I was determined to order it after breakfast was served haha… I dislike the breakfast served… If not mistaken it’s some cold sandwich which I only had a bite ;p Anyway, I guess the instant noodle was only available on the flight to Malaysia or Asian countries.

For the leg room, I was on A380, the width and legroom was quite comfortable for me. It’s by far the spacious of all the other airlines I’ve flown. The toilet was well-equipped too.

Overall, I’m glad I’ve experienced the service of Emirates. It’s my first time and also the first middle eastern airline that I’ve experienced, I’m impressed. In fact, I did consider going to their cabin crew interview back then when they conducted it in Kuching hahaha… Anyway, it didn’t happen hehehe…

Finally! Done my UK trip post!! On to Japan trip posts soon!!!

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G. Bolam Foods, The Full Monty Restaurant

February 12th, 2019 · Nobody Surrendered

We wanted to stock up some meat and we went to G. Bolam Foods (Sedgefield Industrial Estate, Salters Lane, Sedgefield, County Durham TS21 3EE) for it. Before we shop, we had lunch at its restaurant(The Full Monty Restaurant) for lunch.

So many people dined there, really no nonsense at all! Packed! Young and old, people from all walks of life.

We ordered beef and pork carvery set(ยฃ6.15/set) which came with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, mashed potato, carrot & turnip, and cabbage drenched with rich beef gravy all in one plate. That one plate of goodness can be shared among at least 6 small eaters or 4 average eaters.

It was such a satisfying meal! Meat lovers will definitely won’t miss it.

After our lunch, we went to the get our meat. Didn’t get to take any photo of the place though. Camera not allowed if not mistaken. Not just meat that you can get, there’s also bread, cheese, fish, fruits, vegetables, seasonings, and cooking tools too. All under one roof. So much to see! I can spend at least 1 hour there!

Ok… This is the second last post of my July 2018 UK’s trip. It sure is taking a long time to finish. One last one is sharing with you about the airline I used to fly to the UK. Can’t wait to start blogging about my August 2018 Japan trip hahaha…

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