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Fried Milk, My First Attempt, Easy but Not Easy… How Come?!?

August 17th, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

I came across fried milk at Kuching Festival. Seriously, never bought them hahaha… Then, during the early days of MCO, I saw quite a number of friends making it. They all said that it is easy. I decided to give it a try after I got hold of all the ingredients.

All in all, It took me 2 days to make this *LOL* It’s not as easy as it seemed, very time consuming as you need to slowly cook the milk until it thickens, then you need to let it cool to room temperature before you freeze it.

I didn’t freeze it but refrigerate it for a day before I fried it. Apparently, must store in the freezer, don’t make the mistake like me because it will not be solid enough to handle which was why it took me so much time to do the breading. I had to bread them in batches very delicately because I need to keep the rest in the freezer before I can bread them. Leaving them in room temperature especially on a hot day will cause them to go sticky very quickly. Therefore, freeze it so that it is easier to handle.

In fact, you can fry it anytime you want as long that it’s stored in the freezer. The next day, I ended up air fried it because I found that oil frying was too messy to handle. By the way, I have no bread crumbs so I substitute with crushed cream crackers.

I recorded this video from afternoon till evening, hence the video is rather dark at the end. By the time I finished breading them and ready to fry, the sun has gone down, the light in the kitchen wasn’t ideal for video recording.

Anyway, here’s the recipe and instructions:-


1/2 Cup Corn starch
1/2 Cup Sugar
2 Cups Milk


1/3 Cup Multi-purpose flour
2 Tbsp Sugar
1/2 Cup Milk/Water
1/2 Cup Corn starch

10 Pieces Cream crackers

1. Mix (A) and cook with medium to low heat, keep stirring until it thickens.
2. Leave to cool before freezing.
3. Freeze for at least 2 hours or overnight or until the day you want to fry it.
4. Before frying, cut the frozen milk into your desired shapes.
5. Make the batter by mixing (B) well.
6. Coat the milk cubes with (B) mixture.
7. Coat the wet milk cubes with bread crumbs or crushed cream crackers.
8a. Fry in hot oil until golden brown. The will result in soft and gooey milk cubes.
8b. Air Fry at 160°C for 10 minutes. This will result in slightly more solid milk cubes. You might need to reduce the heat to achieve a softer texture. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Optional to coat the breaded milk cubes with oil before air fry, the crust will be crunchier.

I don’t think I will make it again. It’s easy but not easy. By the way, I think you can also use the frozen batter as filling for your bun, you’ll get milk custard bun.

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Ibumie Penang White Curry Mee Instant Soup Noodle with Natural Ingredients Chilli Paste

August 10th, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

Opps… It’s been over a week, forgotten to make a new post 😀

During MCO, I went grocery shopping. I decided to get Penang white curry mee instant noodle. I’ve eaten the real thing but have never try the instant noodle even though it’s been around for ages and friends from Penang were stocking it up at home in Australia so that they can satisfy their craving for it. I think it’s another brand that they stocked, MyKuali, I think… I decided to give Ibumie a try as it was cheaper hahaha…

If I go to Penang, I will definitely go to find white curry mee instead of Penang Laksa *LOL*

Anyway, here’s my quick review on it. It’s quite good! I was blown away! It’s quite close to the real thing. The chilli paste isn’t too spicy for those who can eat spicy food, it’s just right for me. It’s far less spicy than the real thing. I couldn’t even spoon a spoonful of chilli paste for the real thing, could only manage a tiny bit of it, very tiny! About 2 teaspoons Hahaha!! I guess for Penang white curry mee, the key to make or break the whole dish is the chilli paste. If the chilli paste is made the way you like it, then it will certainly win your heart. If you can’t eat spicy food, you can just eat the white broth without the chilli paste but then it will not be white curry noodle anymore, it’s just savoury coconut prawn broth, the taste is weird without the chilli paste.

Overall, I do like this and would repurchase. Will also try to buy the other brand to try out next time 😉

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My Lava Cake Attempts with Rice Cooker

July 31st, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

Lava cake is something I used to eat once in a blue moon. It’s not easy to find good ones, that’s why I don’t bother spending my money on it. It’s usually quite expensive too. Most time, I’ll end up with lava cake that did not ooze like it should, such a waste of money. I didn’t dare to attempt to do it too because I thought it is very hard and troublesome. I love to bake but I dislike dealing with too many steps and techniques. However, during the early days of MCO, I saw many people making it. I did a bit of research and found out that I have all the ingredients and the steps are easy, I decided to give it a try.

Here’s my first attempt using Malteser hot chocolate powder, do check out the video on my YouTube for the full recipe and instructions:

WOW! I didn’t expect it to be a success! Beginner’s luck maybe… Many used the steamer but I decided to use the rice cooker as it is easier and less hassle. There is no need to worry about the flame. All you need to do is boil the water in the rice cooker, remember to put a tray or steaming rack inside. Once it boils, put your cake batter in the mould in and let it steam for 8 minutes or less(for the size of standard cupcake mould). Don’t steam it for over 8 minutes or you will end up with steamed chocolate cake 😀

Here’s my second attempt with Milo and with no sugar added, just the sweetness from the Milo itself. I steamed it for a bit too long as I lost track of the time, hence the filling turned out stickier instead of runny.

So… Yes… You can omit the sugar if you are using chocolate drink powder that is already sweet on its own. You can check out the full recipe and instructions in the video too.

Try it out and let me know how you fare 😉 I didn’t expect it to be so easy!

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Limited Edition Oreo, Fun with #SayItWithOreo

July 21st, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

I’ve been seeing Oreo advertisement of Oreo about its limited edition alphabets printed Oreo. I went shopping the other day, saw it and decided to get it. Haven’t eat Oreo for a very looooong time. I think the last time I ate Oreo was last year. Anyway, I decided to make a video for it ;p here is the ASMR version.

Here is the normal video hahaha… I decided to do two versions because initially this was the plan then when I edited it, I realized I could do an ASMR version if it. Since I’ve recorded myself talking and it’s been a while not posting this kind of video, I ended up with two versions. This one will premiere tomorrow though hehehe…

Did you manage to get this Oreo? It’s quite fun trying to figure out words that you can make from it. Did get it and have fun playing with it? I did.

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Self-Rising Flour Apam Balik | Improvised Apam Balik (no crushed peanuts, butter, baking powder)

July 16th, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

I didn’t expect so many people will watch this video. It was my first time making Apam Balik aka Martabak Manis or 曼煎粿. I improvised it because I didn’t have crushed peanuts. It’s crispy when it’s freshly out from the pan, hence do not wait! Eat immediately! Otherwise it will become quite chewy. Do check out this video’s descriptions to see more details of the process. Here’s the direct link to the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Jejfx97iIE

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