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Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Yuchi Township, Nantou County

June 6th, 2018 · Nobody Surrendered

I’ve been to Taiwan twice, all for work, all in Taipei. This time around, the third time, finally it’s for holiday. Of course, we ventured out of Taipei, only spent 2 nights in Taipei. I’ll share the key places we’ve been for this trip. Will share where we stayed after all attractions posts.

Our first day was spent in the airport, the plane, the airport, the plane, then on the road to Nantou County from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

We visited Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village on our second day starting in the morning at 9.30am. Entrance ticket is NT$850/adult while children and senior citizen(65 years old and above) is NT$420/pax. There will be morning welcome show at the Culture Square near the entrance. You can have photo opportunity with the performers after that.

Before visiting the culture village, make sure you have your mosquito repellent ready! A lot of them to feast on you. I was their feast haha… While inside the village, there are many mosquito repellent available FOC on site, so be hardworking to apply it whenever you see it to reduce the possibility of being feast ;p You can check out my instagram on how yummy I was…

The cultural village is so huge. I can assure you that you need one whole day to discover the place. The entrance ticket is very reasonable which include cable car rides within the village and even go all the way to Sun Moon Lake, it also entitled you to play at the amusement park without additional charges. Food and beverage and merchandises are not included.

After the morning performance, be sure to take the cable car and go to the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway station first. You can choose to take the Crystal Cable Car, limited units available, you will just have to wait for it, there’s a special lane for it. The one we got on is the Crystal Cable Car, you can look all the way down.

View of Sun Moon Lake from the cable car.

The view of Sun Moon Lake. You can sit here and enjoy the breeze of the lake or have a stroll. Then ride the cable car to go back to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village for lunch.

Back at the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, we went to get our lunch before exploring the cultural village. We had ours at Bunun BBQ. We ordered the Grilled Set Meal(NT$200) and some fancy pink fizzy drink(NT$50). Really don’t underestimate the portion, for small to average eater, you can share this one set. The set consists of corn, Taiwan sausage, yam, grilled pork, rice, and soup. The fizzy drink is quite refreshing with some jellies in it. Get one or two side orders to share for average eaters and you will be filled. By the way, it’s pork, pork, pork… Oh, make sure you clear your own plates after eating.

What you see here is just some of the things you can see. There are model houses of the native aborigines in Taiwan, a museum too. Along the way, there are many interactions with the staff. They are very professional. They took their job seriously, even when no body or people are still far from the site, they still continue with their “performances” like clockwork.

Demonstration of glass beads making at the Paiwan village (check out the video here). You can buy the handicraft here. We bought a few but just realized that we bought the more commercialized and fancy ones instead of the traditional glass bead as shown in the photo above.

Lots of sculptures around the cultural village. They have many owl sculptures and totems. The Thao believes that if a pregnant woman sees an owl on a tree nearby, it is the spirit sent to protect them. The spirit is said to be of an unmarried young lady who died after she was banished from her village because she became pregnant. Her body was found in the mountain, under a tree where an owl perched at the top of the tree.

The show at Pestle Music Theatre where you see traditional aboriginal instruments performance.

While at the Naruwan Theatre, this is where you can enjoy a series of aboriginal folk dances and they also interact with the visitors. If you are lucky, you might score yourself some souvenirs.

These are some activities you can do in the cultural village.

There you go… Be sure that you stay nearby and don’t be silly to try to visit this place if you are based in Taipei, it takes hours to drive here! You will be left with very little time and tired from the road trip. You need to spend a night in Yuchi Township in Nantou County to maximize your visit. Check out the official website for more information.


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Sungkei Ria Ramadhan Buffet at Riverside Majestic Hotel

May 30th, 2018 · Nobody Surrendered

My first Ramadan buffet this year. Last year, none…

This time, I’m sharing with you Sungkei Ria Ramadhan Buffet at Riverside Majestic Hotel. If you don’t like hot and stuffy place, having it at Riverside Majestic is the way to go. I didn’t smell like walking kitchen even after being in there for almost 3 hours.

You’ll not just get the usual sungkei dishes, you’ll get special cuisines which you cannot find elsewhere.

You can get chili crab!! What?!?! Crab?!?! I was surprised to find crab there.

Here’s my favourite sections. Oh yummy yummy BBQ meats, there’re crabs, mussels, bamboo clam and all the other kind of meat. It’s not easy to find Japanese food in Ramadan buffet, when I saw it, I started eyeing it *LOL*

Especially the salmon skin, finally! It’s always out of stock elsewhere. I had so much last night, I can eat more but hehehe… Need to try other food too. Satay is also a must-eat for me.

Not just inside the cafe, there are more food outside.

Here’s some of the food I had. Didn’t take photos of the rest, only remember to feed myself, forgotten about my camera hahaha…

I’m sure you want to know the price, the price for adult is RM92 nett and for child is RM46 nett. The buffet dinner is served from 6:30pm to 10pm daily at the Café Majestic Coffee House from 17 th May until 14 th June 2018.

Do not miss the chance to get special price as low as RM69.00 nett per adult if you book online at http://www.riversidemajestic.com/deals.

For Muslim guests’ convenience, Riverside Majestic Hotel also provides designated male and female prayer rooms and a section for wuduk.

For reservations, please contact the hotel’s F&B Department at +6082532222 extension 8842.

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Benefit Dandelion Shy Beam

May 17th, 2018 · Nobody Surrendered

Benefit Dandelion Shy Beam is nude pink matte-radiance highlighter for face. I got this from the UK with discount, it costs £22.00(original price). Not so sure about Malaysia.

Previously I was using Benefit High Beam Face Highlighter for 3 years and decided to give Shy Beam a try. The former has obvious effect as it shimmers, it took me quite some time to get used to the effect of Shy Beam.

Shhh, it’s the highlighter with a low profile. This soft-matte, nude pink highlighter puts the most natural-looking spotlight on you. Let a radiant you shine through!

You can use it on its own or with makeup. I’m using it under my blusher to give subtle glow to the cheekbone and to plump up the cheek. I’m also using it on top of my face powder or foundation on various parts of my face(refer to photo above) as my last step of makeup.

Left: Before, only with face powder.
Right: After, Shy Beam applied and smooth out.

Since it is shy, shimmer-less, it’s not that obvious. The nose area is quite obvious as it catches the light more. In actual life, it gives you healthy glow and diffuse light which can “conceal” some of my pigmentation and highlights without shimmer.

Remember, it is shy, a little goes a long way. Otherwise, instead of healthy glow, you’ll get white residue stuck in pores and fine lines on your face, it does not look good at all! However, it will not be that obvious for High Beam if you applied a bit too heavily.

Final effect with my daily makeup. Can you see the soft sheen of Shy Beam?

I might go back to High Beam, this is too shy for me. Anyway, both are very good products.

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Riverside Majestic Astana Wing Kuching

May 7th, 2018 · 2 surrendered

Just want to share the latest hotel in Kuching with you. Riverside Majestic Astana Wing Kuching, the premier wing of the existing Riverside Majestic, is located in the middle of the city of Kuching.

The lobby is not on the ground floor, you have to go up the escalator to the lobby. This is the lobby where you can find the reception counter.

My first impression of the place is the colourful sofas that can be found at almost every corner of the hotel giving pop of colours to the otherwise the-usual-lobby of most hotels.

They have various function and meeting rooms with awesome views for your events.

There’s executive lounge with full view of the Sarawak River and again with colourful seating.

Even the rooms are colourful hahaha… They have 272 luxurious rooms and Astana suites with a choice of King bed or two queen beds all uniquely designed with luxurious interiors and powerful WIFI.

You’ll either get the city view or the river view. Any room you stay, you will be able to see the beautiful view of Kuching. This is the city view from one of the rooms.

Sky Lounge on the 17th floor is amazing! The view is great! Enjoy your happy hour or the night with a range of wine, spirits, draught beer or non-alcoholic beverages accompanied with snacks while looking out to the night view of the Sarawak River.

These are the views you can get from the lounge and also the rooms. Kuching is so beautiful and full of characters. Welcome to Kuching!

Check out the hotel’s official website for more details.

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Wonderfood Museum, Penang

April 28th, 2018 · 2 surrendered

Food! Who doesn’t love food? I personally really like things related to food. When I found out there’s a food museum in Penang, I decided to pay a visit to it.

Located at 49, Lebuh Pantai, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang. Entrance ticket is RM15/adult. You can get the ticket by clicking on this link.

Did you know that the food replicas found in The Borneo House Museum is also handcrafted by the same person who is from this museum?

The miniatures are so real! Very meticulously created! The actual size is smaller than what you see in the photo. I used macro mode for this.

The food replicas are amazing! Looked so real that many thought that the photo on the right, showcasing the Chinese New Year reunion dinner food are real when I posted it on my Instagram. People thought that I’m having these for my reunion dinner hahaha!! It’s such a grand affair but too bad it’s not my dinner.

If our food is colourful VS if our food is black & white. Mind you, the latter is not edited or using any camera filter, it is really black & white.

Spoilt food VS flying food.

This is where you can see giant replica of local food. Man… I just couldn’t take my eyes of all the food on display in this museum. While writing this, my stomach is grumbling…

These are just some of the giant replicas on display, you have to come here to see for yourself…

Aside from that, there are so much more to see. Can you see what is the photo on the left trying to portray? It’s using various food and cutlery to replicate the famous Mona Lisa drawing. Giant durian, mangosteen, and roti canai can also be found there.

There are many photo opportunities in the museum. Just have fun! It’s very educational as well because you can learn about various nutritional values and some facts about the food we eat.

Not only that, they also try to create awareness and educate the visitors of issues surrounding our lives related to food.

What you see here is just a tip of the iceberg. I highly recommend this place if you are to visit Penang. I could easily spend two hours in this museum admiring the replicas. Have a yummilicious visit!

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