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A Visit to Borneo Cultures Museum

May 19th, 2022 · Nobody Surrendered

Ok… Here’s a quick update on the new site. I’m currently still in the process of getting the framework ready before I port everything over. At least the domain name has been pointed and every link seems to be working well. Once I’ve finalized the design and gathered all the needed information to port over, I will start moving. Stay tuned!

For now, I will be updating here once in a blue moon while I still can. I’m quite occupied with many things, that’s why the moving is a bit slow. Hopefully, the next update will be on the new site 😉

Anyway, have you visited the Borneo Cultures Museum? Malaysia’s biggest museum and the second largest in SEA. I visited it twice. Once in April, once in May. Unfortunately, the wear and tear of the new museum are quite obvious even though the visit is only one month apart. Imagine once it is fully opened, the maintenance of it is gonna be one hell of a time for the management.

Here are the videos I took when I was there in April. Have you visited the place? What do you think? My comments are all in the video. Enjoy!

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