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Adelaide Himeji Garden

July 20th, 2011 · Nobody Surrendered

Had the opportunity to visit Adelaide Himeji Garden for the first time after hearing so much about it. This is where I dropped my phone because I was attempting to hold my camera and my phone at the same time and loss grip of my phone. It fell hard on the ground full of pebbles!

The Adelaide Himeji Garden was built to symbolise the bonds of friendship between the City of Adelaide and the Himeji Region of Japan. It was opened on 3 April 1985.

The Adelaide City Council resolved in 1982 to make a symbolic garden which might help the people of Adelaide to understand the culture of the Japanese. Osmond Gardens on South Terrace was chosen as the site, as it is easily accessible and contains many fine trees, although not all of them are native to Japan.

The Garden blends two classic styles. the ‘senzui’ (lake and mountain garden) where the imagination endows the small pond with vastness and grandeur. The second is the ‘kare senzui’ (dry garden) where rocks and sand evoke the presence of water, even the sea itself

Left: The garden is so nice… Can’t wait for Spring to see sakura blossoms! Don’t have to go to Japan for it anymore. However, I wonder will it be packed by people by then.

Right: Saw this very colourful bird.

The ‘senzui’ (lake and mountain garden).

The ‘kare senzui’ (dry garden).

The weather was so nice that day, must take photo! ;p It’s winter mind you but the sun was so nice. However, later in the afternoon it started to get cold.

It’s a very small garden. We found out that wedding photography is not allowed. However, we saw a couple went there for their wedding photography. I guess they don’t allow it is because it might spoil the tranquility or the qi of the garden which was supposed to be a peaceful quiet place.

Hmm… I wonder the architectures found here use anything related to adhesive dispensing systems, meter mix and dispense, or liquid metering.

Definitely will go back during Spring.

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