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Skincare For AMO Skin Types

September 13th, 2007 · Nobody Surrendered

What is AMO skin types? AMO stands for Asian, Mediterranean and other Olive. I have darker skin colour compare to many of my friends. AMO skin types require different attention compare to caucasian skin types. We cannot use what they are using. Our skin have different needs. Good thing ORIKI Cosmeceuticals, American Board Certified Dermatologist and Biochemist, is incorporating the pigmentation factor into the formulation of its skincare line just for us.

Did you know that pigmented skin and fair skin are different all together? Many people said that those with darker skin tone will not have problem with pigmentation. This is wrong. We do have this problem. You should know that pigmented skin has an inherent tendency to show particular reaction patterns that are different from those seen in white skin and responds differently to different stimuli, such as UV lights and scarring.

If you are having minor injury or acne breakout and the affected area turn to a darker color, then you are having pigmentation. It will take longer to resolve and is more resistant to treatment than those with fair skin. Inappropriate skin care might make it worse. Skin care is not only about dry, normal, combination and oily skin types, you have to know that pigmentation also plays an enormously important role in the best skin care.

I have a mild pigmentation problem, I tend to tan easily compare to my friends. Good thing that ORIKI Cosmeceuticals have the solutions for it. I’m quite interested in their Whitening Serum for For Asian & Olive skin types . It does not contain Hydroquinone, steroids and mercury. You know these are bad! The active botanical ingredients of ORIKI Whitening Serum are: Arbutin, Licorice Extract, Vitamin C and Mulberry Extract. Now… These are good! It will brighten and even your skin tone. It will diminish and prevent dark spots.

I’m going to try it out once I have enough money hehehe… You should check them out too. They have great products for people like us.

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