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Aqualabel Moisturizing Range

May 7th, 2011 · 2 Surrendered

I joined th Aqualabel contest few months back and I won. We’re required to review the product after using it for 3 weeks. It was sent to my home in Malaysia and my parents sent it over to me here in Adelaide. The air here is dry and it will be a great location to test this range out.

Left: The full-size bottle of Aqua Enhance MO. This is our prize. The other 3 small bottles are for us to test for 3 weeks.

Right: The travel kit consists of Moisture Lotion R, Moisture Emulsion R, and Aqua Enhance MO.

Here’s my verdict:

Moisture Lotion R: Love the feel on my skin. I can instantly feel that my skin is soften after patting it on.

Moisture Emulsion R: This is bascially the moisturizer but sadly it’s not moisturizing enough for me, If not mistaken this is for combination skin still it doesn’t suit me. My skin was secreting oil at the end of the day. Not suitable for the dry air here I guess. Maybe if back home it will work.

Aqua Enhance MO: This is the key product that we’re supposed to test out. I like how it feels on my skin. Can feel as if the skin is infuse with mositure. It helps lock in the moisture. The smell is similar to the lotion (I think… ;p)

This is the sequence how I’m using it:-
(Morning) Lotion – MO – Emulsion – Sunscreen
(Night) Lotion – Emulsion – MO

I tried using it the other way round too for the morning routine, Lotion – Emulsion – MO – Sunscreen, but also not giving me enough moisture.

Since the emulsion doesn’t suit me, I went back with my usual moisturizer. It works better this way. I could feel that my skin is soften and there’s no dry spots visible. So it works. Also, no breakouts! That’s good news as I’ll get breakouts usually when I’m using new products that are not that suitable.

One down side though… The fragrance is a bit too strong for me except the emulsion.

Aqualabel has a wide range of products for different needs. If I recall correct, the pricing start from RM38. You can get it easily from Watsons around Malaysia.

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  • 1 Rose // May 8, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    Havent try this product. Mine also oil skin, so not all products suit my skin.

    Read your posts on Adelaide and still reading. Hahaha! Long time i didnt drop by here, and how much I have missed. You take care.

  • 2 sweet surrender // May 8, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    Rose, my oily skin is due to lack of mositure that’s why. The emulsion not that suitable for me, but the other two were fine.

    Yeap… In Adelaide, enjoy the time here 🙂 time flies… Roughly in a year time I’ll be going home, don’t want to leave le… ;p

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