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Benefit The Lana Look Creaseless Cream Shadow-Liner

March 3rd, 2008 · 4 Surrendered

Hehehe… Another review of beauty product. This time I’m going to share my experience with you on Benefit The Lana Look Creaseless Cream Shadow-Liner(the contest was to win Benefit Silky Powder Eyeshadows but I’m given Benefit The Lana Look Creaseless Cream Shadow-Liner, just found out from the Internet hehehe…). Won it last year in the Faces+Advertlets contest.

I picked Lana Look (light neutral shades). I used it many times already, I’m sure you didn’t notice it hehehe… Well… It’s so neutral that’s why but I can see it. In fact I like the colour, very natural. I don’t like bright or dark colours for my eye makeup. I’m always going for natural colour to accentuate the feature instead of showing off colours.

Here’s what I got from Macy*s and it’s just what I’m thinking:

The Lana Look is light neutrals.“Going for a no-makeup look? Light neutrals are your shades!”—Lana-I want makeup that’s hassle free.-My makeup bag contains a few beauty items.-I like that “no-makeup” makeup look.

The boxes are so pretty! According to my sis, this is very expensive in UK. I checked Macy*s site too and it’s USD18 per colour!! WOW! Expensive! I’ve never use such expensive thing. Hehehe… All my makeups are from pharmacies or supermarkets hehehe… I’ve never buy any from the counter.

Usually when you buy makeup, you’ll get boring names like beige, coral red, pink etc. As for Benefit Silky Powder Eyeshadows, you don’t get all these. You get Birthday Suit, RSVP and My Date’s My Brother. Frankly, I still have problem remembering what colour they are from looking at the boxes, I have to open them one by one to find the colour that I want hahaha… At least now I can recognise one, My Date’s My Brother is pink hahaha… Yes, I still keep them in the boxes, the boxes are too cute to throw away.

You can use one shade at a time or two shades at a time or all 3 shades at a time. It’s up to you.

(I had difficulty taking photos of the colours on my eyes, all drowned by the flash. If no flash, then it’s blurred till you can’t see anything)
Left: Birthday Suit, I like this colour a lot! They describe the colour as “brushed chrome”. It’s very easy to blend, smooth and silky. Great colour for the base or highlight or as a colour on its own.

Middle: RSVP, brownish colour. It’s quite hard to blend. It’s not smooth and silky like Birthday Suit.

Right(ignore that strip one my eyelid :p It’s double eyelid tape, I will blog about the new one I bought when I’m free hehehe…): My Date’s My Brother, I like this also. The pink colour is sheer and doesn’t make my eye looked puffy. It’s not easy to blend also.

I found out that the formula can dry up easily if you don’t close the cover tightly. That might be the cause of blending difficulty. I might have exposed them for a bit too long to the fan when I’m taking photos of them!! Oh dear… It can be used just a bit hard to blend and take a bit of time.

Since the colours are very neutral, you have to apply many times to build up the colour intensity which will take quite a bit of time. This is because you have to let the first layer set first before applying another layer. The more intense you want, the longer time you will need. However, it’s worth it as the effect is very nice and with one colour you can turn them into shades that is light to darker shades. As if you are using more than one colours. They don’t crease at all!!

It’s also an eyeliner!! However, I still haven’t master the skills and techniques to achieve the eye liner effect. It needs quite a lot of practice. Also I don’t have the brush for it too. I’ve been applying them using cotton buds and blend with my fingers 😛

Just one thing I don’t like about them, the smells, not sure how to describe them, each colour has different smell. To some people, they might smell sweet but not me, a bit too empowering for me.

Other than that, it’s great eyeshadow to have but on the high end, good thing I got it for free 😛

P/S: The photos are showing almost the actual size of the eyeshadows.

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  • 1 jean // Mar 4, 2008 at 8:59 am

    expensive lah.. 13pounds for one pot..
    y things at US so cheap compare to uk…….:'(

  • 2 sweet surrender // Mar 4, 2008 at 2:58 pm

    wah lau… so much expensive -.-” almost RM100!!

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