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Bling Bling With Advertlets

April 4th, 2007 · 1 Surrendered

All right people! Get ready for another money making opportunity! Goshh… I’m so money face! Who cares? Who doesn’t want money? I saw Advertlets’ poll in many bloggers’ site but I didn’t bother much about it until my friend asked me to try out the poll by Advertlets. Since I was still busy, I didn’t bother much about it after taking part in the poll.

Finally I have a bit of time to sign up and go tru’ it. At the beginning, it’s just simply register and copy paste the codes into your blog. When the time comes, they will generate adverts that are relevant to your blog. This will make sure your readers will not be bombard with unrelated advertisements. For me the concept is the same as the one I registered earlier on from another company. They both claim that we can make money from it. That’s why I register. I don’t mind who will give me more money as long that they can generate money for me. Hahaha…

Frankly, to us, we don’t really mind as long that they can generate money. I found out that, if a blogger is register with Advertlets, he or she will sure to sign up with the other one. It really doesn’t matter at all. Bloggers don’t really mind but advertisers do. They are the one that will make decision of where to advertise. The one with more advertisers will win of course. Still… As long that there’s money given to us, we don’t mind.

Just recently I received a mail saying that they will be having feature where bloggers will be paid for blogging about products and services. Advertlets is started by Malaysians to Malaysians. Therefore things that we are going to write about will be much more applicable to us. Also, no language restriction applied. This is a good chance for many bloggers that blog in other languages as my friend has been seeing GREEN that I’m making money in the US based one. *blek*

Look at the ad banners at my sidebar. You can see two of them right? I’m not practicing favouritism, I have no idea who to place first so I resorted to placing them based on alphabetical order. 😛

So… Why wait? Sign up now and be a part of us!

This post is brought to you by Advertlets.

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