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Bloggers’ Meet @ bing! (2)

December 18th, 2006 · 2 Surrendered

Quick update here… Got my camera back! YAY!!! Finally it’s back!!! I haven’t get any candid shoots from anyone. Only manage to have the group photo. *SIGH* That’s what I hate the most when I don’t have a camera. 🙁 I have to rely on people to send them to me. By the way, might be MIA for a while after this post but will still reply to comments as I need to get some projects done before Christmas and 2007. Nothing much will be happening as things that were planned before got cancelled and also rescheduled.

Back to the bloggers’ meet. I only have this(thanks to Frankie) and the insert is taken from Robin’s blog:

Insert: Georgette
The one in grey, Joshua.
The one in vertical stripes blue and white shirt, Frank.
The one in white, the young one, Ivan.
The one who is “RESERVED”, Ann.
The one in black, it’s me! Need to say more?
The one in red, Mike.
The one in white with cap, Uncle Ho.
The one in horizontal stripes blue and white t-shirt, Chun Chow.
The one in green, Ben.
The tallest of them all, Robin.
The one in pink, Boon Kim.
The one in yellow, Allen.

I WANT CANDID SHOOTSSS!!!! Please…………………………………… Or photos with me in there.

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