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Bloggers’ Meet @ Sue’s

December 3rd, 2006 · 1 Surrendered

The long awaited meet is finally here today. Miracle8 was the first to arrived and I’m the second one. We both tried to look for the unit where Sue’s living and caused a bit of “stir” among her neighbours coz I got the wrong house! Hehehe… I called her mobile phone but it’s forwarded to voicemail, worst… I left Sue’s home phone number at home. At the end, we asked the guard for help *LOL* He was kinda blur with who we wanted to meet. I’m kinda stupid too. I should just tell the guard that we were looking for someone that just got back from the US! Yet I kept telling him that her house was first unit and she’s staying upstair. Hehehe… I forgotten that it’s should be consider the second unit as it’s the second door not the first door. Haven’t been there for quite a while as I used to go there for a swim coz my uncle has a unit there.

Left: Scenery from Sue’s balcony.
Right: Miracle8 bought these! I took the leftover back and I ruined them! 😛 The icings were all over the box because I had forgotten that they could roll!

After both of us got into the house, Robin called to ask for directions. I didn’t know he’s in the apartment area already. I thought Robin and his gang were lost somewhere in the housing estate outside of the apartment. *LOL* After Robin and his gang arrived, Ann and Jee arrived. The last to arrive were Allen and Frankie 😛

We were served with chocolates! Yummy… I had never had so much chocolate in 2 hours+ in my life. Sugar high now 😛 As we are bloggers, we kept snapping here and there *LOL* How can bloggers live without cameras? You tell me? I know I’ll be suffering withdrawal symptoms if I don’t have my camera with me 😛 We shoot at every available oppotunity hehehe…

We had a great time hearing Sue’s talking about her experiences staying in the US. She did the talking most of the time hehehe… There were so many things for her to share but we had to end the meet around 7pm becuase she had another appointment and I was supposed to get home before 7pm. Had a great time there, meeting bloggers that I had never met before. I prefer something small and intimate meeting like this rather than having a huge party. Ah well… I just don’t like crowds. Photo session is a must for bloggers 😛 We took group photos and went home. Here… You can’t see Sue’s face 😛

Left-right: Frankie, Chun Chow, Robin, Allen, Ken, Ivan, Miracle8(Boon Kim), Sue and her daughter, Ann and Jee, me and Naomi

Nice to meet all of you! 🙂

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