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Burger King KL Sentral & 41 Berangan 6th January 2010

January 26th, 2010 · 8 Surrendered

Once we reached KL Sentral, we had lunch there. At first, wanted to go for Burger King but my dad was a bit turn off by the price even though he was thinking to have it as the last time he had it was in Singapore. So we went to McD but the crowd was crazy! At the end, we went back to Burger King and ordered all the cheap and yummy stuffs ;p

We ordered 3 types of burgers. If I’m not mistaken, we had Whopper Jr.(this is the set, RM11.49), Rodeo Cheeseburger(RM4.95), and BK-something(RM4.95) ;p I like the fries!

After our lunch, we looked for a taxi. One taxi driver tried to charge us RM26 to 41 Berangan! WTF! Luckily I’m given the guidelines by people from 41 Berangan that it will cost about RM12+ for taxi from KL Sentral. Found one that charged RM16, oh well… We went for it.

Left: 41 Berangan, I found them online when I did a search. If not mistaken, I found them tru’ one of the pages of Air Asia and then did a search on them via search engine.

Right: One of the rooms that was outside, it’s actually a container but this is not the room we’re staying. We stayed at the upper floor.

The dining area and you could also watch DVD here. Not only that, you’re allowed to take the DVDs to the room to watch. The rate was inclusive of breakfast. The breakfast was basically coffee, tea, milk, bread, butter, and jam.

I highly recommend this place. It’s better to stay here rather than staying at 3-star hotels. The place was clean, the people there was friendly and helpful, there was free Internet(luckily for that as we were required to settle some work stuffs that was quite urgent and I didn’t bring my laptop), the sheet, the bed, the pillow were really surprisingly comfortable.

The view you see here is the second floor view that greeted us every time we opened the door ;p I forgot to take photo of our room’s door hahaha…

Since we were supposed to go in 4, I was hunting around for a place that could accommodate 4 in a room with attached bathroom but mostly I found were 3 in a room. Finally found 41 Berangan that’s located at Jalan Berangan. After looking at the location and the photos in the website. I took the risk, trust my guts and made a reservation somewhere in July 2009 to secure the room as there’s only one such kind of room available. We paid RM200/night for deluxe room. It’s not expensive, if you go in 4, one person only RM50. You’ll get 2 queen beds.

The best part for me was the bed, you know why? I always have difficulty sleeping in hotels especially on the first night because of the bed, the sheet, the pillows. What to do? Cannot afford hotel with more stars *LOL*

Here, I got no problem sleeping at all. The sleeping experience was similar to Glenmarie Holiday Inn that I stayed last time except for the air-con. Hotel’s air-con is damn cold as it’s centralized but here you get to control it yourself. They’re using the good quality sheet. Love that!

For our room, it was really spacious, ceiling was high, there were TV, DVD player, kettle, air-con, coffee, tea, creamer, sugar, mugs, attached bathroom and toilet, and towels were provided. The bathroom and toilet wasn’t in one space, its separated, so it’s good, you will not need to wait for your turn to do “stuffs”.

Left: The veranda. If you smoke, you can smoke here but not in the room. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside.

Right: The view from the veranda. To the left there’s a junction, to the right you’ll head to Bukit Bintang, it’s so near! Just walk to the right, walk, walk, walk, you’ll see Hotel Fortuna on your right, then reach the junction, turn right. You will see the monorail station, Lot 10, Sungei Wang and more! That will be Bukit Bintang!

However, we got lost, we went to the wrong direction, we went left, left, left… That… I’ll tell you more in the next post.

Just one down side of this place, the road was quite quiet at night. So if you are walking alone, it’s quite scary. If you’re there with more people then at least won’t be that bad. I’ll come back to stay again if I go to KL again provided I’m not traveling alone hahaha…

That’s all for now 😉

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  • 1 Jessica // Jan 27, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    yeah yeah irene, your post came in time, i really need these kind of info now.. is this 41 berangan near bintang warisan? comparing these two hotel which one is better? and is the breakfast set in the 3rd pic in our own hotel room? if normal room got that kind of bfast set?

  • 2 sweet surrender // Jan 27, 2010 at 9:34 pm

    Jessica, I have no idea where Bintang Warisan is but I heard it’s near Bukit Bintang *LOL* So I don’t know how near they are.

    As for comparing these two, they can’t be compared coz one is hotel another is not. It’s something like a lodge or bed & breakfast place.

    Normal room also include breakfast, any room you stay there all include breakfast. The breakfast is not sent to your room, you have to go down to the dining area to eat. Breakfast time is from 6am-10am if not mistaken. The dining area is open to all the ppl staying there. You can get free refill of water there also.

    However, I can say this is so much better than Bintang Warisan as Bintang Warisan is a 3 star hotel if not mistaken.

  • 3 jam // Feb 1, 2010 at 12:30 pm

    Whenever I am in KL Sentral, I would like to go to Ayamas there!

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  • 5 sweet surrender // Feb 2, 2010 at 10:16 pm

    jam, what’s nice there?

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