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Bye Bye KL 8th January 2010

February 22nd, 2010 · 2 Surrendered

8th January was our last day in KL. It was raining so heavily that morning luckily it stopped around 10am.

We headed to Sungei Wang and I bought 2 more dresses while waiting for the phone accessories shop to open as we bought a faulty battery there and went there to get a change. However, we just found out few days ago from my brother that the battery wasn’t faulty at all. It’s just that the capacity of the battery is so much lower than the original phone battery. *LOL*

I didn’t buy any clothes at the shop you see in the photo. The other one is a shop specialized in sex related products(obviously ;p). The phone accessories shop was located just next to it. The shop selling clothes was opposite it.

After Sungei Wang, we went to Low Yat and then Time Square. We got lost trying to locate the exit of Sungei Wang! Told you so… When you don’t need the exit, you kept seeing it, when you need it, it’s no where to be seen! We tried to located Time Square but failed. After asking so many people, finally we found it. Everyone told us we could reach Time Square from one of the exits of Sungei Wang but we couldn’t find it *LOL*

We finally got to the back door and I realized that Low Yat was just outside! ARG! Then Time Square was just opposite. We wasted so much time getting lost as usual. Went into Low Yat for a brief visit just to show my parents the place where people getting their gadgets in KL.

Our main aim was to go to Time Square as I wanted to get Krispy Kreme ;p I got it!

Bought 1 dozens, it cost RM23.90. 12 different donuts even though there’re two that looked similar. They actually tasted different.

I don’t remember what I bought. My conclusion, Krispy Kreme is too sweet for my liking. I’m referring to the fillings and toppings. Extremely sweet! Each of the donut was practically coated with a layer of sugar. Imagine the sweetness from that sugar coating along with the toppings and fillings. I really couldn’t stand it. I prefer JCo or Big Apple.

Thought of settling our lunch at Time Square but was too lazy and tired to locate more eateries there so decided to go try out the pan mee shop near 41Berangan since we passed by the place everyday and the place was always packed to the brim. We figured it must be one of the places for good food. It’s just few houses away.

This is the famous pan mee shop located at Jalan Berangan. The place was so packed! We had to wait to for empty table. Lucky for us, there’s a table available, we were basically sharing tables with other people.

Was quite lost in what to order. Luckily they had set lunch promotion and we went for it. It made the ordering so much easier, there’s a list there on the table. The set came with the pan mee + fish ball + meat ball + drink + a pack of facial tissue. Small set was RM7.50 and big set was RM8. There were 16 types of pan mee dishes for you to choose!

Left: You can choose to have herbal tea(the brownish yellowish one) or cincau(black one) for the drink either hot or cold.

Right: Flat soup. The pan mee was served in soup along with dried anchovies, mushrooms, sweet leaf, meat balls, and fish balls.

Left: Flat dry.

Right: Thin dry.

The dry ones were served in thick black soya sauce.

Overall, the texture of the noodle was not bad. Pretty “Q”. Actually, It’s my first time having pan mee so I can’t really comment. However, we noticed that the taste of the flat dry and thin dry was different. I don’t know how to describe but the sauce tasted different. We thought it was the same. The flat one was on the sweeter note and the thin one was saltier.

If I’m not mistaken, they had been operation for 10 years or so. Used to be a stall and now they’re operating in a shop/house. You can see the photos, the histories, and newspapers articles on the wall.

After our lunch, we headed back to make final adjustment to our luggage. One was seriously overweight and we adjusted it for quite a while.

Our flight was at almost 8pm but we went to the airport at 3pm *LOL* Very early right? Was afraid of the jam and it was a Friday too. The taxi driver was quite surprised that we went to the airport so early. He told us that we didn’t have to as there’s new road which could reach LCCT faster, in about an hour! Aiks… Didn’t expect that ;p I forgot that we’re using taxi as the last time I went, I went to the airport tru’ KL Sentral by taking SkyBus. That’s why we had to check out earlier hahaha… The fare for taxi ride from 41Berangan to LCCT was RM90.

We reached the airport at almost 4pm, we got nothing to do, so we loitered around and then sat there took turn to take a nap. Was so tired. Then my dad decided to walk around again and came back with Marrybrown kiddy meal. Hahaha… We shared the kiddy meal and waited for dinner time. When dinner time came, we ended up at Marrybrown again ;p

Check-in was a bit of chaos because of some travelers tried to check-in with overweight luggage, the charge for overweight luggage was RM10/kilo! Expensive! They kept adjusting the stuffs in the bags and the queue was not moving -.-” What a waste of time.

Anyway, finally got ourselves check-in and waited for our ride home. The rain was extremely heavy and the plane reached slightly later than expected but we still reached Kuching on time. I’m lucky. Till now I never got my flight delayed with Air Asia. Not a single time.

That’s the end of my KL trip. Not sure will I be there again this year as we are planning for another one somewhere this year for my brother because he missed it due to national service. However, with my timetable this year… It’s hard to arrange one. We’ll see…

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  • 1 cell // Feb 23, 2010 at 12:15 pm

    Krispy Kreme 🙂 They were expanding like crazy 10 years ago but now mostly are closed due to people ‘s aversion to carb and sweet. Think diabetic, people !

  • 2 sweet surrender // Feb 23, 2010 at 12:32 pm

    cell, *LOL* the donuts are sweet, crazily sweet -.-“

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