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Car Petrol Stolen

April 3rd, 2010 · 6 Surrendered

One of our cars has been targeted by various kind of thieves over the years, what to do? It’s just a common Perodua Kembara(the parts are in demand), can’t afford any unique car that could deter people from messing around it:
1. Attempted to steal our car but steering locks and alarm turned them off. At the end, they carted away stuffs in the drawer and broke our back door’s lock.

2. Stole our tyre cover, you know the cover to cover the spare tyre behind the 4×4? That one.

3. Attempted to steal again! Left a gaping hole at the driver’s side, took the lock away. They failed to drive the car away because of the alarm and steering locks.

4. Drained out petrol! @#$%^&* Stole our petrol!


I didn’t drive the car for almost a week until yesterday. I’m the one driving it most of the time. The last time I drove, the oil level was at the last level. Didn’t bother about it because won’t be driving it anywhere far so should be able to last for quite a while. I didn’t know my dad refueled it few days ago because I didn’t use the car those few days.

Yesterday morning, it was still around the same level as last week. I went to church with it. Nothing amiss.

Yesterday night, we decided to went out, my dad was shocked to see the oil level was at “E”, supposed to have at least half tank. At first, we thought the meter might be malfunctioned. To check on it, my dad went to refuel another half tank. If the meter wasn’t spoiled, then it should reach full tank but it didn’t. Instead it only rose till half the tank. Not only that, my dad had trouble closing the cover after refueling and noticed the bar in there was slightly crooked. Further checked, there were signs of forced entry.

The thief drained our petrol! *&%^$%# Stupid thief tried to drain our petrol from the top but couldn’t reach it because there wasn’t much petrol in there. He/She ended up went all the way down there to drain the petrol. How hardworking was that? Good thing my dad only refueled RM35 of fuel not full tank. Very hardworking for such little amount fuel. *smack head*

My dad said that he will not refuel the car to full tank from now on. Just refuel for enough to use for a week or two since we don’t always use this car. What to do? I’m not staying in a place with our own car porch, what to expect when you stay at shophouse? That’s why it’s an easy target.

That morning, there was still a bit left that’s why I didn’t notice anything as that’s almost the level I saw the last time I drove the car. Then towards the day, the oil evaporated and leak because the f***ing thief didn’t tighten the cap below the car causing the oil to leak out bit by bit! Only noticed it this today when my dad asked the mechanic next door to have a look at the fuel cover since the bar there was twisted. No wonder the meter dropped till “E”. Good thing was that the thief still had the heart to put the cap back rather than threw the cap away else we’ll be in huge trouble when refueling because we didn’t think of checking the cap down there.

Beware people! It seems like stealing other’s petrol is a growing trend now. I always heard of motorbikes suffering from such thing but now cars too.

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  • 1 Fahriee // Apr 3, 2010 at 7:53 pm

    Unrelated, but the other day I had a tissue shoved down the tank. Blocked the path so I couldn’t fill in petrol till I took it out. Funny because it wasn’t there the night before..

    But yeah..people have been stealing petrol for quite some time now..don’t know how you can actually stop that. :/

  • 2 sweet surrender // Apr 3, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    Fahriee, I think they might be thinking of using tissue to soak up the petrol -.-” These ppl really… No way to stop them also.

  • 3 Fahriee // Apr 3, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    Maybe..or maybe it could be a prank. A not so funny one :/ Nothing to protect the tanks on the market? Haha, not so practical I guess. :p

  • 4 Uncle Lee // Apr 4, 2010 at 7:06 am

    Hello Irene, gosh! That bad, huh? Its the same here too, but the crooks sapu the whole car, mostly the high end ones like Mercedes, BMW’s, SUVs….and because of electronic alarms, steering locks, what they do is they use a tow truck and pull away, after disarming the alarm.

    I have lost several iced coffee bets and donuts to my mechanic….he can disarm any electronic alarm within minutes.

    Do take care, huh. Be careful.

    Back in the 70’s, early 80’s I had 3 cars, a Alfa Romeo, Mercedes and an MGB sports car…and I was hardly home, only my mature maid.
    Most times I fly, so my three cars parked in the driveway. Very tempting.

    Most of the houses near mine either got their cars stolen, whatever, house broken into….but mine was untouched.

    Reason being, I had a big, well trained imported guard dog, a Doberman. And a black Doberman with cropped ears look real menacing too.
    As well he was trained not to take prisoners.
    Will only eat food from me or my maid, will not touch even a steak if given by anyone else.

    Why not get a dog? A trained one? Keep in the house. You sleep better too.

    Oh ya, I posted about an orang minyak I almost caught who tried to break into my house. I had laid a trap for him.

    Irene, if you got nothing better to do, check out my archive….why your name always brings back a certain beautiful memory to me.
    ‘A faded letter from the past’, d/d 1/4/08.
    It is the longest posting I have ever posted, 9 episodes, took 3 weeks to conclude.
    Its a love story of a beautiful, mature Shanghainese lady with a man half her age.

    If you read and wish to leave a comment, please leave in my current posing, saves me searching for you. Ha ha. And read from the beginning.

    By the way, you look lovely in previous posting.
    Allow me to say, if you were to hold a bouquet of a dozen red roses infront of your mirror, you will see 13, *wink*.
    Stay beautiful, Irene and have a pleasant weekend, Lee.
    ps, its taking me more than 12 times now trying to submit this comment. Your security additions keeps saying error.
    Still trying….

  • 5 sweet surrender // Apr 4, 2010 at 11:47 am

    Uncle, *LOL* why you kept having problem with my “trap”? ;p

    Oh ya… My uncle’s car was towed away just like that. Ever since then, we parked our car in a way that make it difficult to be towed.

    Can’t have a dog, my parents don’t want to have one and we got no place for it too since we’re staying at a shophouse and we are using public parking spaces for our cars. We always have stray dogs around that like to sleep under our car because it’s high, 4×4. When the dog(s) were there, there won’t be a problem but when they’re gone, died or capture by the council, sooner or later, another case again hahaha…

    I definitely going to check out those posts. Going into your blog always make me miss him ;).

    Thanks for your compliment 🙂

  • 6 sweet surrender // Apr 4, 2010 at 11:49 am

    Fahriee, who knows your friend played a prank you for April Fool ;p Or there’s really people trying to steal your petrol as I know some cases with tissue in there too.

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