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Celcom Blackberry Night @ Boulevard

August 16th, 2008 · 8 Surrendered

Photos will come later. I’ll give my feedback about it first. Just got back from it one hour ago, I couldn’t stay till the end as I was tagging along with my folks as they wanted to do some shopping there. Didn’t expect to stay so long there.

Let’s talk about the good part:

  • It’s refreshing to have this kind of party
  • We got to move around freely to take pictures, thanks to that 😉
  • The decor wasn’t so bad
  • Sound system was good
  • Lighting wasn’t bad, I got many good pictures
  • The Wii competition was interesting but I was lazy to play 😛
  • The effort for bringing in bloggers is GOOD! Sadly not many turned up though.
  • The catwalk was a refreshing twist

The part that needs improvements and I’ll give some suggestions, hope you don’t mind since you guys said that we can talk about it whether it’s good or bad:

  • Bloggers were lost, they didn’t really know how to get started
  • As I said when on the stage, we were all expecting there’s few units of Blackberry(sorry that I blurted “Blueberry”, didn’t mean it, it just slipped out as I was thinking about food just now coz I was hungry 😛 Blueberry cheesecake please…) on display and let us test it out and let us do live blogging with it so that we can brag about it hahaha… Indirect publicity! You might get some people sign up on the spot! Most of us were looking high and low for it but instead there were only two laptops. I brought my laptop along and I didn’t use it because I have no idea about the availability of WiFi. Also, at least there’s something interesting to do instead of just sitting there listening to songs and taking photos.
  • There is not many information about Celcom Blackberry and we can’t blog much about it. It would be great with goodie bags that includes some Celcom merchandises and brochures about it. In fact, we were expecting at least something like this.
  • Someone left a message in KuchingBloggers.com chatbox saying that bloggers that bring laptops will have goodies awaiting(refer here)… Hmm… I don’t think I got any except going up to the stage for a tube of chocolate with a cute Mr. Bean’s bear keychain. Well… Maybe later in the night but anyway I didn’t stay till the end of it. I might be wrong.

By the way, to Albert(one of the photographers there) if you read this, I’m so sorry that I actually forgot to say bye to you even though you are so near to me, in fact just next to me. My mind was blank that time after coming down from the stage as the staircase leading up the stage was shaky and I was still in a stage of shock with the shakiness(I’m afraid of shakiness especially if the platform is high with nothing that I can hold on to), and was in a rush too, I only remembered to say bye to the bloggers -.-” So sorry about that, do keep in touch. Also I couldn’t recognise you, it’s been a while not seeing you, you looked familiar to me but I just couldn’t recall who.

To wrap up this post, I would like to thank all those that involved for including us. 🙂

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