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Chong Qing Steamboat(2)

June 18th, 2007 · 1 Surrendered

It’s Fathers’ Day yesterday, we went to Chong Qing Steamboat for dinner, mom was lazy to cook and took the excuse of because it’s Fathers’ Day and my sister is back from UK to dine out. *LOL* We decided a few places and at the end ended up at Chong Qing Steamboat hehehe… Since it’s Fathers’ Day I’m sure many eateries were packed so went there to avoid the crowd and it turned out that there are quite a number of tables were taken already.

Left: The dipping sauce.
Right: “Fu zhu”, don’t know what it’s called in English. 😛

Left: Singapore fishballs.
Right: Frozen tofu. This is quite nice. It came in cubes, pretty hard, I thought it’s chicken meat in cubes hahaha… coz they are frozened. Then you have to quickly dump them into the steamboat to cook. When it’s cooked, it’s so soft and it socks up all the soup, WOW! Nice… Forgot to take photo of the cooked frozen tofu.

Left: Cabbage as usual…
Right: Shitake.

Left: Pork.
Beef: Beef.

Left: Chicken.
Right: The steamboat with most of the ingredients in there except the meats.

By the way, this time they did ask us whether we would like to have the spicy base filter or not. I said yes because I’m not sure how spicy my parents could handled. The difference of filtered and unfiltered base is that you don’t see all the herbs and the dried chilies in there except the red dates(small one), it seems like the big sweet red dates were missing too last night. Good thing is that last night was a cold night 🙂

Oh my… Suddenly I want to eat this now! -.-“

Again, the location is at Tabuan Laru, same row as AmBank. If you are facing AmBank, the direction is to your right. Oh… The menu is in Chinese. I think no one can help them do the translation ;p I can’t help too, I’m not good enough hahaha… If I’m good I would be able to give you the english name of “fu zhu” *LOL*

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