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Citizen Eco-Drive Silhouette Watch EW8690-53A

October 18th, 2014 · Nobody Surrendered

My Fossil watch had served me for years and finally it’s having problem. Changed battery twice, the third time, it started to show problem. Not sure whether it was damaged by the person who changed the battery or the lifetime is over. It’s quite impossible, less than 5 years and generally analogue watch can last a long time. Had no proof to say that they damaged it as I only realized after got home with no receipt from them too, so decided to just let it be, couldn’t wear it anymore, I just put it at my bedside to tell me the time. If wearing it, it might stop, guess the contact in there might have problem. So I had to get a new watch.

Hunted for one high and low and ended up buying Citizen Eco-Drive Silhouette Watch EW8690-53A back in June.

Why? I don’t want to deal with battery anymore! In fact I was eying a Seiko solar powered watch with stone set bezel, it was a very good deal but it ran out of stock so I got this. The second choice.

Do you notice something? Maybe the picture is too small to tell hehehe… I didn’t realize it’s only two-hand instead of three. Means there’s no seconds hand. Was shocked when I saw it, first time in my life! 😛 I was thinking, how on earth will it move, then suddenly I saw the minute hand moved. Sounds silly huh?

It’s so small and light, just nice for my small wrist. Not used to wear a watch this light as the previous one was rather heavy and big. Actually was expecting it to be bigger as I couldn’t find the measurement. I just asked my sister to get it for the sake of getting a watch without battery in my budget range. Lucky for the discount else I won’t get it and might end up with normal watch. Original price was £129, after discount it was £80.85.

Too bad though, with constant use, lots of scratches on the smooth surface now. Do you have any idea what kind of material for watch that won’t scratch, not leather or plastic or rubber. I prefer something metal. Maybe will get one next year.

The two-hand is a bit weird, it takes time to get used to it. The downside will be you won’t be able to count the seconds.

The watch is water resistant but only for normal use, not suitable for swimming. I won’t use this for swimming too because it’s just to pricey to swim with hahaha…

So far, it’s serving me well. Not much of an issue. Love the lightness of it. Don’t quite like the design though, nothing unique. Just normal.

Overall, I don’t mind the money spent on it. Just hope it will last for at least 5 years or longer. Simply because it’s a Citizen.

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