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Cloud-99 Ice Cream Cafe

August 13th, 2013 · 2 Surrendered

Let’s take a break from my Europe trip. We’ll talk about food today.

Been hearing about Cloud-99 liquid nitrogen ice cream for quite awhile and finally got to go there few weeks back.

It’s located at Precinct 88 at Jalan Song.

Went there on a Sunday afternoon, so many people!

I went for popcorn flavour with cone (the smallest size) and it cost RM7.90 (good thing there’s 10% discount), they have discount on selected flavours from time to time, do check their FB page (https://www.facebook.com/iluvcloud99) for the offer of the day. While my friend ordered passion fruit with a topping (first topping is free, only applicable to regular-RM9.90 and large-RM16.90), can’t seem to figure out the topping she ordered.

The ice cream melted instantly! When they sent it over to me, it’s already dripping from the bottom of the corn. As for my friend’s, she said it’s all liquid at the bottom of her cup. I had difficulty finishing it fast, I’m very slow when it comes to cold stuff. Guess what? It dripped all over our table -.-”

Taste wise, it was not bad. I didn’t choose the base or sugar level. However, the sweetness wasn’t too sweet, it’s just right. I assume my ice cream base is the regular ice cream. You can choose to have the base as frozen yoghurt, soy milk, or low fat ice cream. As for the sugar level, there’s normal, low, and no sugar.

Very interesting concept, you get your ice cream made only when you order. Not your usual ice cream. Just the price is a bit steep but still not so bad, can’t really indulge in it in a regular basis but oh well… What to expect? I do like the ice cream.

I tried chocolate chip cookies and teh-c-peng flavours are Kuching Festival, the small one was only RM5! Way cheaper than getting it at the shop. Those I had at the festival didn’t melt as fast, I guess it’s the amount of liquid nitrogen used.

Overall, I will go back but only once in a blue moon. So many flavours to try out!

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  • 1 ahlost // Aug 14, 2013 at 12:39 pm

    I’ve tried … and i would say.. i prefer BR more.. haha..

  • 2 sweet surrender // Aug 14, 2013 at 12:55 pm

    ahlost, hahah… these two cannot be compared as it’s two different concepts ;p BR is way too expensive and don’t feel that it’s anything special, just normal ice cream to me.

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