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Crispy Dahfa Dried Fish Fillet Snack

August 20th, 2021 · Nobody Surrendered

Ready for CNY 2022? *LOL* Sharing a CNY snack recipe ;p Hahaha… This is so easy to make. In fact, easy to make it anytime. Don’t have to wait till CNY. I did this video just before Gawai as I had a packet of Dahfa Dried Fish Fillet that was not opened yet from CNY.

Anyway, take care, people! The situation these days are not improving. It’s getting worst. We used to see people sharing stories about someone they know getting the virus. These days, we’re seeing people sharing about themselves getting it. I had some friends on FB sharing about them being positive and then not long later they no longer update and had passed away. Bad… It’s bad… *sigh* Continue to be vigilant. Please bear in mind that the vaccine doesn’t shield you from the virus and you can still spread it to others even though you are not sick.

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